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Judgment by Marie White

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    I began wanting to focus on the Angel part of the card rather than the
Judgment aspect. I was intrigued that something that would suggest an
individual spirit would be nestled in way up there with the World and the Sun
and all those other things which represent huge concepts.  Even as Judgment,
why would that particular concept be that important, especially if you
de-christianised it and removed the 'Judgment Day" scenario.   What occurred
to me is that perhaps Judgment could easily stand for definition, which many
believe creates the diversity of the universe.  You have the singular whole
-The World-  and you have the Sun and the Moon, positive and negative
aspects, a removal from the singular universe into duality and in between
them is Judgment or definition in this context, which made those things
     The Angel.  A theory I have on angels is that they are a collective
spirit encompassing many smaller ones and who knows what else.  Man included.
 These smaller ones, having free will, provide definition.  The collective
Angel then does herald Judgment, or defining of the universe.  It is as if
one does the act of Judgment and one is the product of it.
     So this is my mindset as I start out.  I drew a very nice, gentle
looking angel sitting atop the orb of the solid earth, using its body to
manipulate all possibility.  This is through 3 bodies all pivoting on one
     Kabbalistically the head is in Tipareth and there is one set of arms up
in Chokmah and Binah, as though she is descending.  One set of arms is
holding herself in Chesed and Geburah, neither taking or giving.  One set of
arms is outstretched down to Netzach and Hod.  There are as many pairs of
legs too, but they are all hidden behind the arms LOL  There are 3 sets of
wings also.  Above her is a faint and hardly defined outline of Kether and at
her feet Malkuth.  There are many triangles and things going on, relating
different parts to each other.
     I am not sure what happened but at some point it changed and began to
look almost demonic.  It was one of those where the card was taking on a life
of its own.  The wings turned black and what was meant to look like the
peaceful earth started to resemble hell that she was leaping out of. 
Strange.  Her halos almost look like a glass helmet.  Like an alien LOL
     Seriously though, many systems of belief believe that life here on earth
is an exile from God.  Imperfect, sinning, full of suffering.  While maybe
not described as hell, it can begin to take on those properties.  Only in
losing the definition, or judgment, will you return to God.  And so there we