Arthurian Tarot by John and Caitlin Matthews
Art by Miranda Gray


The Spiral Tower

A bolt of lightning -- Glastonbury Tor
Is struck. Now topples down the tow'r
Once built by kings to last forevermore:
Man's fortress is cast down by heaven's pow'r.

A flash of white, and high on ghostly wings
The shrieking owl uprises in the dark;
And round about, the landscape thrums and sings
With Zodiac's awakened magic spark.

Then from the tower's rubble does arise
A second Tower, this one all of light,
And seen by inner, not by outer eyes:
The Spiral Caer of Merlin, glowing bright.

So from the ruined rubble of our lives
The soul yearns upward, and the spirit thrives.


Card 2000 John and Caitlin Matthews
Poem 2000 Nancy Lee
Page 2000 Diane Wilkes