November 2004 Tarot Passages Spread of the Month

My Best Self Spread by Diane Wilkes

This simple spread can be done regularly when you are feeling that it's time to re-assess your personal and spiritual growth. Read each card set in pairs, looking for connections between the cards.


Card One    Card Two    Card Three    Card Four   Card Five   Card Six    Card Seven     Card Eight 


Card One:    What do I need to know about my current spiritual state?

Card Two:    What can I do to further my spiritual development?

Card Three:   What do I need to know about my emotional balance at this time?

Card Four:     How can I better balance my emotional state?

Card Five:     What is my current mental state?

Card Six:       How can I better use my intellect for myself and others?

Card Seven:  What do I need to know about my physical health?

Card Eight:    What can I do to improve my physical well-being?

When you have examined all eight cards, look to see if there are several cards of one suit--this might be an area of strength (or weakness). If you see more than one card of the same number (including the Major Arcana), that may be a constellation you wish to emphasize in your movement towards personal growth.

Spread and page 2004 Diane Wilkes