Tarot Passages March 2005 Spread of the Month

I created this spread during a snowstorm--when I was in the midst of winter blahs. When you feel listless or uninspired, try this spread to reignite your own passions. Pay special attention to the placement of any Wands cards that come up in your reading--for this spread, they possess as much importance as the Trumps.

The Passion Spread by Diane Wilkes

                                                                            Card Four                                                           


                                                                            Card Three

                                                                            Card Two

                                                                            Card One

Card One -- What excites me at my very roots?

Card Two -- What supports my passion?

Card Three -- How do I keep my passions burning hotly?

Card Four -- How do I keep from blazing out of control?

Spread and page 2005 Diane Wilkes