Reading with the Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent, a highly intelligent lawyer, has been partially unemployed for some time. We did a three card reading, with each card representing a step the client had to take in order to obtain meaningful and gainful employment.

Step One:    Five of Pentacles

The querent is living at home, so rent, food, and other financial encumbrances are not pivotal for her. While she has expressed feeling impoverished, she isn't desperate on a material level. This has resulted in a more passive approach to employment than she would have if she had fears of homelessness or starvation. The image on the card shows a man who looks hungry for the basics of life, and he holds a staff in a way that indicates he won't hesitate to use it if it means obtaining those basics. The staff is reminiscent of the crutches in the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) Tarot, a deck with which the client is familiar. We discussed the querent's need to stop depending on the "crutch" of her relative comfort zone and start feeling the necessary fire in the belly, if she truly wants to find gainful employment. She must act as if her very life depended on it. So, the first step is to start behaving as if she could become homeless and hungry if she doesn't do everything within her power to find work. This will increase her productivity in terms of sending out resumes and pounding the pavement for employment.

Step Two:     Seven of Wands

Once the querent mobilizes herself to increase activity on her work search, she needs to literally "re-enter the fray" depicted on this card. Her prior negative experiences with lazy and mendacious co-workers are a big part of her distaste for returning to work. This does not mean she has to take work in an atmosphere of enmity and negativity; in fact, it underscores the importance of researching future potential work environments. She needs to volunteer in places that might lead to employment, and decide if she wants to work in these "test" offices. Another option is to work part-time in potential workplaces, with the same intent. Her new attitude needs to be that she is interviewing them, as well as being interviewed by them. But she must get involved in this pursuit, or she'll be spending another summer unemployed.

Step Three:    Six of Swords

We thought that she needed three steps, but this card indicates that if she just takes the first two, she will soon have the money to move out of her parents' home and move to smooth waters. Alternatively, this card could indicate that she might need to relocate, if the first two steps prove ineffective. The important thing to note in this version of the card is that she needs to pilot her own moving forward. No one is going to drive her boat for her. She is solely engaged in this pursuit of future freedom and prosperity.

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Reading and page 2003 Diane Wilkes
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