May 2004 Tarot Passages Spread of the Month by Diane Wilkes (with an assist from Luanne Love)

For me, everything's personal. For example, I am a longtime Sixers fan and cherish memories of the 1983 championship team of Mo Cheeks, Bobby Jones (my favorite), Moses Malone, Andrew Toney and, of course, Julius "Dr. J" Erving). I consider myself blessed to have seen them "operate" successfully against the defending champion Lakers in the finals. I admired Moses' work ethic, Bobby's intense defense, and Andrew's fierceness (and explosive first step). Notice I call them by their first names. Just a sign of my personal approach. And when these players with whom I felt a bond were traded, I lost interest. I stopped watching altogether for several years until the tiny gutsy scrapper known as AI got my attention when I was least expecting to fall under the Sixers spell again...

But I digress.

I recently saw a basic basketball spread, and, of course, I wanted to personalize that. So this is my personal tribute to that beloved championship Sixers team, a spread to use when you are working with others to achieve a common goal.

The 1983 Sixers Six Card Victory Spread


                                                                       2                 3    

                                                                       4                 5


Position One -- The Playmaker (Point Guard Mo Cheeks)

What is the big picture, the overview of the situation? In what areas do I need to delegate wisely and remain humble and consistent, and downplay my rôle?

Position Two -- The Deadly Opponent (Shooting Guard Andrew Toney)

What is my first step? Where do I need to be daring and quicker than others? Where do I need to be assertive, aggressive--even lethal?

Position Three -- The Defender (Power Forward Bobby Jones*)

How and where do I need to cleanly--but doggedly--hound my opposition? What spiritual foundation guides me? Where do I most need to be ethical and relentless?

Position Four -- The Innovator (Small Forward Dr. J)

Where do I need to be innovate? Where do I need to rise above the rest of the group and gain recognition for my particular gifts?

Position Five -- The Enforcer (Center Moses Malone)

What area must I dominate? Where do I need to impose boundaries? Where am I strongest? What's the bottom line for me to do in order to ensure victory?

Position Six -- The Coach (Coach Billy Cunningham)

What do I need to do to get everyone on the same page? Do I need to crack the whip or trust my veterans to take charge? How can I get everyone to take things up a notch when we enter the final stage of our project?


* I am well aware Bobby Jones wasn't a starter, but he was an invaluable sixth man who we turned to at crunch time. There was no way I was including Mark Iavaroni in this spread.

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