March 2001 Tarot Spread

Here's a beautifully-conceived tarot spread that is appropriate for the solstices, birthdays, new moon readings--and, of course, New Year's Eve or New Year's Day and Samhain.   I have used it and found it incredibly insightful.                                                                                            --DW


9           10           11

       7            8


       4           5

1            2            3

This spread is based on the idea of turning over a new leaf, or each new year as a chance to start fresh. The hourglass is a symbol often associated with the new year and the passing of discrete elements of time (or maybe in this case, it should be called the "yearglass"). It has five levels, with three cards on the bottom, two cards above that, one in the middle, two cards above that, and three cards again at the top. The spread is read from
bottom to top as follows:

Base Level (three cards):   This level represents the sands that have already fallen, and the cards in this level represent things to reflect on about the past year - accomplishments, major changes, any significant problems,
overall focus.

2nd Level (two cards):   This level represents sands that have recently fallen, and energies that are passing out of your life or need to be released.

Middle (one card): This is a snapshot in time, as the sand passes through the narrowest part of the hourglass, representing where you are at this exact moment in your life.

4th Level (two cards): This represents sands about to fall, and energies or influences that will soon enter your life in the new year.

Top Level (three cards): This level represents the vast potential of the coming year, the sand reservoir and all the things that may come to pass. Here you will find the potentials and possibilities - things that you can accomplish, major transitions that are coming, and issues that are ready to be dealt with in the coming year.

Thrysse has been studying tarot cards for about 25 years, and is a teacher and professional reader. She contributes articles and discussion to several tarot lists and newsletters. Her tarot-related projects currently include completing her CTC/CTM requirements with the A.T.A., compiling a book of tarot short stories, maintaining a tarot website, and developing a role-playing game for learning and experiencing the major arcana. In real life, she lives near Seattle with her husband and black cat Shadow, and is self-employed as an environmental consultant.

Spread 2001 Thrysse
Page 2001 Diane Wilkes




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