November 2001 Tarot Spread - Spread of Thanksgiving by Diane Wilkes

One of the definitions for "spread" is "to arrange (food or a meal) on a table."  How apropos for this holiday where most of us spread way too much turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pie on the table.  It might be healthier for us to do a tarot spread instead of--or at least, in addition to--our regular holiday fare.  Happy holidays!                                                                                                                


Card 1            Card 2                Card 3                Card 4

Fork                Plate                   Knife                   Spoon


The Fork: What do I knowingly and actively give thanks for?

The Plate:  What should I recognize is worthy of giving thanks for that I presently am unaware of?

The Knife:  How can I show my gratitude on a deep internal level?

The Spoon: How can I show my gratitude on an external level?

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Spread and page 2001 Diane Wilkes