April 2002 Spread of the Month

The Moon Spread by Yvonne Rathbone

                                            Full Moon

Waxing Moon                                                                Harvest Moon

                                            Heart of the

New Moon                                                                    Waning Moon

                                            Dark Moon

Use this layout to find out about the cycle you are in right now.

Card One: New Moon: What you are beginning. What began this cycle.

Card Two: Waxing Moon: What you are starting to get feedback on.

Card Three: Full Moon: What is at its peak.

Card Four: Harvest Moon: What you are reaping.

Card Five: Waning Moon: What you are letting go of.

Card Six: Dark Moon: What is resting. What is being recycled.

Card Seven: Heart of the cycle: What is at the heart of this cycle.

Yvonne Rathbone has been studying the Tarot since 1993. She's taught classes in reading, divination, and archetype exploration. A series of articles based on her "Tarot For Everyday" course has been published in Tapestry Magazine. She strives to empower people to develop their own relationships to the Tarot while respecting its traditions. She lives with her svengali, Junia, a picture of whom may be seen at her website.