December 2002 Tarot Spread

Yemaya's Spread by Diane Wilkes

This spread is designed in the shape of cresting waves, as Yemaya rules--and is--the "roll of the ocean." The bottom shelf of the wave speaks to our deepest underpinnings;, the crest addresses more topical concerns.


                                                        2                        4                        6

                                         1                    3                                5                            7

Card One:      What rocks (nurtures/holds/sustains) me?

Card Two:      What is interfering with my natural rhythms?

Card Three:    What do I need to do to re-connect with my natural rhythm?

Card Four:       What treasure will next wash up on my personal shore?

Card Five:        What can I do to make myself feel strong and powerful?

Card Six:          What detritus needs to be removed from my personal beach?

Card Seven:     Which old pattern(s) do I ask Yemaya to wash away?

Spread and page 2002 Diane Wilkes