January 2002 Tarot Spread

New Beginnings Spread by Diane Wilkes

This is the time of year where we think about resolutions...starting that diet, planning an exercise program, buying that box of Nicoderm.  It's important to think about the reasons behind those resolutions and also practical ways to achieve your goals.  This spread was designed with those things in mind.  If you have a New Year's resolution, write it down.  If not, write a statement of what you wish to attain or maintain in the coming year.  I suggest not making this too detailed--no more than three separate items.  Then write down each card and free-write your first (and second, and third...) thoughts on what each one means, as it pertains to both the interpretation and your resolution.  

When finished, look at the number of major arcana cards, and also if one suit predominates or is missing completely.  This might give you some idea as to which energies you need to actively cultivate and which ones you want to intentionally decrease.  You might find specific methods or approaches that will assist you in keeping your resolutions and/or achieving your goals (I ended up listing six!  Some were things I knew I should simply keep in mind, but others were behaviors I would be wise to work on actively.) 

You might also want to tweak your resolution a bit to fit your deepest desires and concerns after reviewing your reading.  

                                                            1                        2

                                                            3                        4

                                                            5                        6

                                                            7                        8                                                

Card One:    What can I do to ignite my motivation to achieve my known dreams this year?

Card Two:    What lights an illuminating fire about my unknown dreams this year?

Card Three:   What don't I know about my feelings regarding my overt desires for the coming year?

Card Four:    What do I know about my feelings regarding my deepest, subconscious desires for the
                  coming year?

Card Five:      How can I use my sharpest intelligence to achieve my known goals this year?

Card Six:        How can I uncover the mysteries of my unknown dreams this year?

Card Seven:    What will help me know I have manifested my known desires?

Card Eight:      What concrete step can I make to find out what I most need to manifest this year?

Spread and page 2002 Diane Wilkes