June 2002 Tarot Spreads of the Month

In a Tarot workshop I conducted in Covington, KY, Christine Jette guest-lectured on devising your own spread. Two of the workshop participants created spreads that were amazingly complementary, both artistically and thematically. Neither participant knew what the other was doing, which made the synchronicity even more delightfully...synchronous! They granted me permission to share them with you here. -- DW


Becky Elfers' Creativity Spread:


Sally Anne Stephen's Palette of Creative Possibilities Spread:

The focus of this spread is find ways to paint upon your empty canvas of creative pursuit to realize the possibilities and obstacles of seeing a project through from beginning to end.

The card layout represents different aspects of the Artist's Palette.

1. The Grip - What hold does the creative process have on me at this time? 

2. My Brushes - How can I best utilize the tools at hand? 

3. Primary Color - What sparks my creative impulse? 

4. Secondary Color - What fuels my motivation? 

5. Tertiary Color - What drives my long term commitment to the project?

6. Painting Medium - What can I add to extend and develop my creativity to bring it to a finished result?

Click here to see a sample reading with this spread.


Sally Anne Stephen has been captivated by the tarot throughout the past decade, although a serious student and novice collector for only the past few years. She has participated in three collaborative decks and someday hopes to create a deck of her own. Sally Anne helps moderate the Comparative Tarot e-list and in her spare time gathers up favorite links to post on her website, MoonArcana.

Creativity Spread 2002 Becky Elfers
Palette of Creative Possibilities Spread 2002 Sally Anne Stephen