March 2002 Spread of the Month

The Cake Spread by Annie Steele


4                                      5                                       6

1                                      2                                       3

1. The Ingredients: What I have to work with

2. The Batter: How well will it all come together?

3. The Preheating of the Oven: Where do I need to get 'fired up"?

4. The Baking: What may be an obstacle (undercooked or overcooked)?

5. The Cooling Off: Should I pursue this course of action?

6. The Icing: What I will gain when the baking is done?

7. The Candle: My highest hope for this endeavor

Annie Steele has been working continuously with the tarot since 2000, taking lessons with Valerie Sim and working towards her Certified Tarot Reader certificate.  She is a list member of Comparative Tarot and contributed two cards to the current Comparative Tarot Collaborative deck. She is currently working on a bachelor's degree in Accounting.  Spiritually, she follows an eclectic path, blending Christianity with earth-based rituals.  She likes to quilt, read books,  and play with her children in her free time.

Spread 2002 Annie Steele
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