May 2002 Spread of the Month

Archangelic Spread by Eva Yaa Asantewaa

Rabbi David Cooper teaches a Kabbalistic visualization that calls in the four great archangels of Jewish tradition-Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael, representing emanations of the ineffable divine-as well as the Shekinah, the feminine aspect of divinity. In his tape series, "Kabbalah Meditation," Rabbi Cooper instructs the listener to sense a circle of these four archangels surrounding him or her and the Shekinah hovering above. I've turned this extraordinary scenario into a 6-card Tarot layout. I'll use the archangelic correspondences as given by Rabbi Cooper. However, if you are accustomed to different attributions-e.g., Michael as a cosmic warrior, associated with strength and power-don't hesitate to adjust what's below and make it work for you. Also, if you're not into these archangels and prefer to attribute the positions to other spiritual beings-for example, Celtic deities who may have similar qualities--feel free to rename the cards as desired. The layout will work every bit as well!

The layout will look like this:



3     1     2


Consider an important question or concern that you'd like to offer for archangelic care. If you would like to select a specific Significator Card to represent yourself or the querent (if that is not you), do so now, then shuffle the deck. If you would prefer to draw this Querent card at random, shuffle the deck in your regular fashion, then draw a card and place it in the Querent position.

Card 1: Querent card. Put yourself or your querent here in the central position. You'll need to exercise some inner vision to see the Querent card as a living entity facing in the same direction that you are facing (not facing you, in other words). This is important so that you get a sense of the two-dimensional layout being an actual formation of beings: Uriel and Raphael will be perceived to be in front of and behind the Querent rather than actually above and below.

Card 2: Michael. Divine generosity and lovingkindness. Place this card at the right of the Querent card.

Card 3: Gabriel. Divine power and strength. Place this to the left of the Querent card.

You now have three cards in a line. Two more will go above and below the Querent card, forming a circle around it.

Card 4: Uriel. Divine light.

Card 5: Raphael. Divine healing.

Card 6: Shekinah. The Feminine Divine. Place the Shekinah card above the Uriel card. As you read the spread, the Shekinah may "float" around the circle as if hovering above Her beloved archangels and the Querent. She may come to rest at any point, lending Her particular energies (a blend of Her being and the card representing Her) to the energies of the card She touches upon.


Rabbi David A. Cooper. Kabbalah Meditation, 2-tape series. Sounds True Audio, 1995. 1-800-333-9185

Cooper. God is A Verb: Kabbalah and The Practice of Mystical Judaism. NY: Riverhead, 1997

Eva Yaa Asantewaa maintains a private practice that includes Tarot-based counseling, channeling, shamanic journeying, dreamwork, energy healing modalities, and meditation coaching. A popular community educator as well as arts journalist and poet, Eva has over 25 years experience exploring consciousness, creativity, and transformation.  Eva is editor/writer of the weekly Tarot eNewsletter, DancingWorld.

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