November 2002 Spread of the Month

Creating Life Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

This spread was presented at the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium, October 2002. 

First focus on a creative work of yours. This work might be a tarot deck, a book, a relationship, or an identity.

              1. The Calling

2. The Spirit              3. The Form

4. My Doubts           5. My Faith

6. Finding Depth       7. Adding Breadth

 8. Inner Obstacle     9. Outer Obstacle

              10. Starting Over

 11. Inner Gift         12. Outer Gift 

 13. The Last Word

 1. The Calling - What is your motivation? What is calling you, pushing you, pulling you to manifest this particular vision?

 2. The Spirit - What is the spirit, the vision? What helps you connect with spirit, the genie behind the work? What desires or requires expression?  

3. The Form - What is the form best suited to your vision? How might the spirit best be made manifest? What is the labor required?  

4. My Doubts - What makes you doubt your vision? What denies you the right to your work and the rewards of your work?

5. My Faith - What makes you trust your vision? What helps you believe in yourself? How do you maintain flow through completion of the work?

6. Finding Depth - How much of yourself can you put into this work? How much emotion? What events of your past might illuminate your work?  

7. Adding Breadth - How much of the world can you put into this work? Where can you find resources and inspiration outside of yourself?  

8. Outer Obstacle - What are the habits and responsibilities that keep you from your work? How might they be overcome? How might they be changed?  

9. Inner Obstacle - What shadows might rear their ugly heads during this work? What attitudes and emotions should you beware?  

10. Starting Over - What needs rethinking? Where are you straying from your vision? Where might you need to abandon your vision?  

11. Inner Gift - What strength and knowledge will you find upon completion of this work? How will continuing your work change you for the better?  

12. Outer Gift - What rewards can you look forward to? How will continuing your work change your circumstance for the better?  

13. The Last Word - Just what it says.  

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has been a reader and teacher of Tarot for over 15 years. She is the artist and designer of the Tarot of the Crone, available now as a limited-edition deck. She writes tarot-related articles, poetry, short stories and meditations for herself and for several online study groups, as well as for printed newsletters. She may be contacted through her site.

Spread 2002 Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
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