October 2002 Spread of the Month by Isha Lerner (Inner Child Cards, Triple Goddess Tarot)

Isha Lerner often "refers to the evolutionary path of the tarot as the Yellow Brick Road to Consciousness." She recommends that this spread be used with the Major Arcana only, fanned out in the form of a rounded path.

Five cards are pulled, one each for the following positions:


Card One/        Card Two/        Card Three/        Card Four/        Card Five/
             Dorothy            Scarecrow        Tin Man              Lion                  Yellow Brick Road

Imagine yourself on a magical journey, traveling the Yellow Brick Road toward your inner light. Each position is a stepping-stone in the direction of your true nature, as these beloved characters come to life within your own psyche. Allow them to inform you about the ways you manage your dreams, your mental thoughts, your emotions, your strength, and your courage, as you seek the ultimate treasure of self.

In this layout, the first card represents Dorothy, the Seeker of Wands, the part of us that has embarked upon a new dream or vision. What is this insight?

The second card is the Scarecrow, the Seeker of Swords, the part of us that is forever seeking truth and clarity. This card indicates the way in which you use your mental skills. Do you honor your ability to make decisions?

The third card is that of the Tin Man, the Seeker of Hearts, the part of us that learns through the path of the heart. This card reveals the way you respond to your emotions and inner world of feelings. Are you able to receive love?

The fourth card is the Cowardly Lion, the Seeker of Crystals, the part of us that holds pride and honor in the physical world. This card reflects the way you empower yourself with self-confidence and courage. Are you able to accomplish your dreams?

The fifth and final card is The Sun card. In the Inner Child Cards, Trump number XIX, The Sun, is symbolized by the Yellow Brick Road. In this card we see Dorothy and her three companions traveling the path of destiny, toward the Emerald City, where the Wizard of Oz resides. The Wizard offers Dorothy and her friends that which they already possess, the pure riches that reside within each of them. You see, the Sun or Yellow Brick Road is not a destination, but a lived experience, reflecting one's true nature. This card reveals the spiritual gifts that are yours forevermore. They were never really lost, and now that they are remembered, they become a conscious part of your life from this day forward.

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