February 2002 Tarot Spread of the Month

The Make a Wish Spread by Geraldine Amaral


The Seeker should focus on a specific wish before doing this spread.




                                                                          6                 7

                                                                4                                        5

                                                                          2                  3



                 1  Foundation/Basis From Which Wish Springs

                 2  Past Influencing Factors

                 3  What the Immediate Future Holds

                 4  Current Influencing Factors

                 5  Others Involved Whose Help Might Prove Beneficial

                 6  Forces Which May be in Opposition to Your Wish

                 7  Type of Action or Lack of Action That You Might Put Forth for a Harmonious or

                         Desirable Result

                 8  What You Most Need to Know About Your Wish (MAY Indicate Ultimate Outcome)



Geraldine Amaral is the author of Tarot Celebrations:  Honoring the Inner Voice and publisher of Celebrating the Tarot Journal.  She also made a tarot instructional video entitled Tarot 1-2-3.  For information about Geraldine's unique and empowering Tarot classes, to receive a complimentary copy of her Tarot Journal or to find out how to order her video, call 703-671-7421 or email. You may also visit her website.

This spread initially appeared in Pathways Magazine.



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