September 2003 Spread of the Month

Way of the Five Bodies of Sekhmet - A Power Spread by Diane Wilkes

This spread was inspired by The Path of the Priestess by Sharron Rose. This fascinating book about one woman's journey into the heart of the goddess will probably inspire more layouts. According to Rose, one of her teachers claimed there is "an intimate connection between Sekhmet and Shakti." The Sanskrit root for the word Shakti and the Egyptian root for the word Sekhmet are translated as 'power,' so it is possible that the word Shakti was originally derived from the name Sekhmet.

According to the ancient Egyptians, the human being is composed of five bodies.  Each of these bodies has a dimension in which it resides in functions. The layout of this spread is meant to depict the increasing level of subtlety of the five bodies.  The first two bodies are closely connected, so you might want to particularly examine these two cards in combination. The Khu and Shu bodies are "only rarely consciously experienced by most people these days" and the Shu card corresponds to "the totally clear and pure body of light returns to the primordial or supreme source." This card holds the key to fully integrating and interacting with all five of the bodies. Use this spread when you want to strengthen and attune these five bodies.






1. Aufu - First Body - The Physical or Material Body

2. Ka -    Second Body - Body of Experience - The Astral/Etheric Body Our Minds Perceive as Our Body Image

3. Haidit - Third Body -  The Shadow, The Mental and (Mostly) Unconscious Body

4. Khu - Fourth Body - The Magical Body

5. S‚hu - Fifth Body - The Spiritual Body

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