August 2004 Tarot Passages Spreads of the Month

In honor of the Blue Moon, we have two Blue Moon Spreads.

The first is the Blue Moon Spread by Amy Dawn and Marion. The first four cards in the spread shape the new moon, the second four cards, the Blue Moon. The ninth card represents the shining star in the distance.


                                                                        1    8                       9

                                                                  2                 7

                                                               3                        6

                                                                       4       5 


Card 1:        Positive emotional attachments

Card 2:        Destructive or negative attachments.
Cards 3&4:  How each attachment affects my life. 

Card 5:        How to break free from the negative attachment(s) 

Card 6:        How to take advantage of the positive attachment(s)

Cards 7&8:  The new beginnings this change could bring.

Card 9:        The Shining Star card - the hope that gives us the strength to let go of what we no longer need.

The second Blue Moon Spread is called "Once in a Very Blue Moon Spread." It incorporates the rarity of the occurrence of the Blue Moon and is by Diane Wilkes. Option: Listen to Nanci Griffith's "Once in a Very Blue Moon" as you do your reading.






Card One:     What about me is unique and rare?

Card Two:     What unusual subject(s) should I focus on in the coming month?

Card Three:    What should I do that is out of the ordinary this month?

Card Four:      What message does this Blue Moon have for me?

This is a simple four card spread, but the key in interpreting it is to notice the connections between the cards. Which element is predominant for you in the coming month? Is this a month of dramatic exploration (more than one Major Arcana card) or a month to develop new personae (more than one court card).

The Blue Moon Spread by Amy Dawn and Marion originally appeared on the Aeclectic Forum

Amy Dawn is also known as Mimers on Aeclectic Tarot Forum. She uses tarot for her own growth, as a healing tool, and as a way to explore her imagination. You can read more about her on her website.

Marion has used tarot for over 30 years, and is currently a moderator on Aeclectic Tarot Forum.  She enjoys creating spreads, and is pleased to see one she helped build being used by others.

Blue Moon Spread 2004 Amy Dawn and Marion
Once in a Very Blue Moon Spread 2004 Diane Wilkes