January 2004 Spread of the Month

The Beginning Tree by Kris Waldherr (author/artist of the Goddess Tarot and Goddess Tarot Workbook)

Card One:                      The root of the venture.  The deep issues pushing you toward it.

Card Two:                      Early growth of the venture.  How your talents and actions will support it.

Card Three:                   The flowering of the venture.  How others will react to it.

Card Four:                     The fruition of the venture.  How it will change you and your life.

Cards Five & Six:         Details from your past to consider before you begin your venture.

Cards Seven & Eight:   Details that will arise as the venture develops.

Card Nine:                     The overall outcome.  What can be expected if the venture begins as planned
                                        at this time.

Spread 2000 Kris Waldherr
Used by permission
Page 2004 Diane Wilkes