March 2004 Tarot Passages Spread of the Month
Pentacle Work Spread by Leah Samul

This comes from the work Ive done with my Feri Witch Coven, and it is based on the Pentacle. I have added pleasure as a subset of sex to the top point of the pentacle; this is my addition. For those of you who learned the Pentacle differently (in other words, if you associate different attributes with the different points of the Pentacle), please adapt it as you see fit.  -- Leah Samul 

Location                                  Iron                                         Pearl

Top point                                 Sex, Pleasure                            Love

Left Foot                                  Pride                                        Law

Right Hand                               Self                                          Knowledge

Left Hand                                 Power                                      Liberty

Right Foot                                Passion                         Wisdom, Compassion


Iron Pentacle Layout

Top point:  (Sex) what is the root cause, what gets things started; what do I need to be aware of to get something started?

Lower left:  (Pride) what do I need for pride to come into my being; how can I counteract shame or lack of confidence?

Right arm (or left):  (Self) who am I at the core of my being regarding this situation?

Left arm (or right):  (Power) what will help empower me, what gives me strength, power?

Lower right:  (Passion) what emotions will drive me, and help me to counteract fear or senseless rage, which of my passions in life should I be paying attention to?

Optional center card:  What else might I need to know; what other information will help me?


Pearl Pentacle Layout

Note:  In Starhawks book The Spiral Dance, the Pearl Pentacle is slightly different, with Wisdom and Knowledge reversed.  That is Knowledge is the right foot, and Wisdom is the right hand.

Top point:  (Love) what must I love, learn to accept, learn to deal with effectively?

Lower left:  (Law) what laws dictate my actions, what parameters must I stay within, what must I limit in order to manifest?

Right arm:  (Kowledge) what do I need to know; what piece of information should I be aware of?

Left arm:  (Liberty) what will help free me, what liberates me?

Lower right:  (Wisdom) what is necessary for integration, where can I access compassion or use a compassionate response, either toward myself or toward others?

Leah Samul is the author of Wisdom in the Cards: Inspired by the Hudes Tarot Deck.

Spread 2004 Leah Samul
Page 2004 Diane Wilkes