September 2004 Tarot Passages Spreads of the Month
The Back To School Spread by Mark McElroy

It’s September again, and across the U.S., kids are headed back to school.



Whatever going back to school means to you, you’re bound to enjoy this month’s “Back to School” spread. Inspired by (and dedicated to) the bright, courageous women who attended a class I taught for the Learning Annex in Minneapolis, the Back to School spread will:



The Spread


The Back to School spread consists of 5 cards:



  1. Where you began your study of tarot
  2. A recognition of what you’ve learned so far in your tarot studies
  3. A suggested direction for continued your growth
  4. A resource you could use to foster and support that growth
  5. A benefit of going “Back to School”


Give it a try!


So what are you waiting for? Your book bag is packed, your sack lunch is in hand, and a seat is reserved just for you at the head of the class. Use this spread, go back to school, and explore ways you might enhance your tarot knowledge and skill!


See a sample reading using this spread here.


Mark McElroy is the author of Putting the Tarot to Work (a book about brainstorming with tarot cards) and Taking the Tarot to Heart (a book on using tarot to find and improve relationships, coming in January 2005). He is also the designer of The Bright Idea Deck (March, 2005), a tarot deck designed specifically as a brainstorming tool. Visit Mark's website and explore new applications for tarot.

Spread © 2004 Mark McElroy
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