October 2004 Spread of the Month

Rebuilding the Temple Spread by Diane Wilkes

Based on the Tower card, numbered 16, this spread has seven cards (1+6). The Tower experience can be literally shattering, but it also allows you to rebuild an edifice that serves you better. Rebuild your personal temple so you can reach unimagined, but fulfilling, heights.





                                                                                5           4  

                                                                          1          2          3

  1. The Shards—What must I retrieve from the rubble?
  2. The Foundation—What must be placed at the core?
  3. The Mortar—What must I create anew?
  4.  Pillar of Mercy—What I cultivate in my temple
  5.  Pillar of Severity—What I will not tolerate in my temple
  6. The Beacon—What must I emit to others?
  7. The Pinnacle—What unknown heights may I aspire to?

Read the first three cards individually, but also as a unit. Cards four and five should also be viewed separately, but also as two sides of the same coin. 

Spread and page © 2004 Diane Wilkes