June 2005 Tarot Passages Spread of the Month

Metaphysician, Heal Thyself Spread by Diane Wilkes

Often, tarot readers are seen as people who are living an evolved existence, one in which growth and healing takes place holistically while the reader sashays around and about, protected in an aura of glowing white light. I don't know any readers like that myself--it seems to me that those of us who read professionally have to constantly be aware of health concerns, precisely because of what we do. If you're an empath and you open yourself, you leave yourself vulnerable, no matter what protective measures you take in advance.

While I am always uncomfortable reading on health issues for others (and I never offer medical advice in a tarot reading, since I'm not a doctor!), I created a spread that would allow me to pinpoint potential blockages in all areas of  my life, as well as suggesting possible ways to handle them. I must add the caveat that a reading in no way replaces medical treatment, and I urge anyone using this spread who is having physical health concerns to contact a medical professional.

And, of course, you don't have to be a metaphysician to use this spread! I just thought it was a fun title.

Separate your deck into three divisions: Major Arcana, Minor Arcana (1-10 of each suit), and the Court Cards. If you have numerous decks and like to mix and match, this is an excellent time to incorporate one of the Majors-Only decks that you rarely use in readings or to experiment with several different decks.

Shuffle each deck section thoroughly. Then choose one card from each pile for each of the following positions:

One - Spiritual Health    Two - Emotional Health    Three - Mental Health    Four - Physical Health

You should have three cards under each of the four layout positions.

The Major Arcana card offers insights into the overarching theme of the position. For example, if you selected the Emperor for Spiritual Health, you might be overpowering others spiritually--or conversely, need to take more power and responsibility in the area of spirituality. The Empress might suggest that this is a time of creativity in the area of spiritual health--or that you are nurturing others spiritually, but not mothering yourself--or that it's time for you to revisit your relationship with the Goddess. There are many possibilities with each card, obviously, and I am simply suggesting a few as examples.

The Minor Arcana card provides an action to take to improve the health of the designated area. Again, assuming you chose the Emperor for Spiritual Health, if you received the Five of Cups as an action to take, it might be to cut your losses in terms of some spiritual outreach that you have been trying to build--or it could also suggest that you haven't sufficiently grieved a loss that is blocking you on a spiritual level, which could be why you hesitate to take power (or dominate others).

Lastly, the Court Card recommends a persona to adopt when dealing with the specific issue. If you receive the Page of Cups, again, keeping in mind that we are ostensibly working with the Emperor and Five of Cups in the trinity, it may be that you need to approach the situation as a novice, brimming with vulnerability and openness to feeling. Getting two Cup cards would emphasize the specific issue is one relating strongly to emotions and emotional defensiveness or defenselessness.

All three cards should be looked at in relationship, as well as individually. Do not move on to another area until you feel you have thoroughly examined all three cards in the one before.

After you have looked at each area in depth, you might want to look at the reading as a whole. Which suit or suits are emphasized? Which suits are missing? Are there a lot of Knights and Kings, suggesting an overall yang persona, or is there a balance of youth and experience? Keep in mind that there are certain personae that are effective in one area but are in appropriate (in terms of your needs) in another.

Spread and page 2005 Diane Wilkes