November 2005 Tarot Passages Spread of the Month

When we think of the Thanksgiving holidays, gratitude and appreciation come to mind for some, and Tarot Passages offers a spread that focuses on those things. Overindulging is another word we often think of in tandem with Thanksgiving, so I thought a spread utilizing the Temperance card would fit well this month.--DW

Temperance Spread by Sherryl Smith

This is a spread I invented to address the issue of balancing your life.

Take the Temperance card out of your deck to use as a significator. If it's a traditional card, the figure will have one arm higher than the other as she pours water from one jug to another.

You'll draw two cards for this reading.

Put one card on the side of the Temperance card with the higher arm. This card tells you about an area of your life that is over-developed, or where you have an excess. It could be a trait or talent you rely on to get by at the expense of developing other areas of your life.

Put the second card on the other side of the Temperance card. It indicates an area where you are under-developed, or lacking energy, or that you have suppressed or deni4ed.

Can you pour energy from the abundant card into the deficient card to balance your life more?

Go through the deck until you find an Ace. Put it above the Temperance card. This is the area of life where the balancing card needs to happen most.

Sherryl Smith has been studying the Tarot for 30 years. She is a member of the ATA and ITS, and is a CPTR who reads Tarot on-line at the Free Reading Network. She is currently focusing her Tarot studies on the 15th century hand-painted Italian decks and their relationship to the art of that time period.

Spread 2005 Sherryl Smith
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