August 2005 Tarot Passages Spread

Kuan Yin Spread by Diane Wilkes

Known as the Goddess of Compassion, it is said that Kuan Yin was carried to heaven on a rainbow, which inspired the shape of this spread. Then I started to think of rainbow colors and decided to correlate each card to the chakras as well. Turn to this spread when you are in need of compassion—or to clear out any detritus from your chakras.



                                         3                                                      5

                            2                                                                                  6         

                 1                                                                                                             7



Card One:        How can I best deal with my anger?

Card Two:        In what ways can I feel more self-compassion?

Card Three:      In what ways can I feel more compassion for others—without losing my personal power?

Card Four:       How can I open my heart more completely?

Card Five:        How can I best articulate compassion?

Card Six:          How can I be more of an empath?

Card Seven:     How can I channel the Divine within myself?


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