September 2005 Tarot Passages Spread

Emotional Clutter Spread by Jean Hutter

I arrived home after vacation and really looked at my house and realized it was full of useless clutter. I immediately went into a cleaning frenzy in an attempt to rid the house of clutter. This got me thinking about the Emotional Clutter that we accumulate through out our life and I came up with this spread.


                                                                        1      5      3


Card One:    What kind of emotional clutter have I accumulated?

Card Two:    How is it affecting me?

Card Three:  How is it affecting my relationship with others?

Card Four:   What steps can I take to rid myself of this emotional clutter?

Card Five:    What can I do to avoid the accumulation of emotional clutter in the future?

Jean Hutter is the creator of the Odyssey Tarot and the I Have a Dream Tarot. She is a fine artist who contributes to a number of tarot e-lists.

Spread 2005 Jean Hutter
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