January 2006 Tarot Spread of the Month

New Year's Revolution Spread (inspired by Graham Parker's song, New Year's Revolution) by Diane Wilkes

We often make New Year's resolutions on December 31st for the coming year...and often we break them sometime around January 5th...or 15th, if we're really motivated. That's because we forget to think about the repercussions these resolutions can have, or the deeper issues surrounding these "bad habits" or long-term inclinations. This spread is designed to bring about a personal New Year's Revolution in behavior.

Some of the lyrics to Graham Parker's New Year's Revolution that inspired the spread:

We're gonna have to do much more than sing or pray/We're going to have to build a bridge to every soul/Join us together now and make us whole/I hear the angels are so merciful, so why aren't we?/There are so many who are suffering while we walk free/When Christmas comes...make it forever a new year's revolution of love...

Don't do this spread if you don't want to change your life. Because the truth is, change is hard. Change is complex. But if you want to make a revolutionary change, you have to look deeply into why you are the way you are or do what you are doing. The resolution you make needs to be one that isn't superficial, but speaks to something that is fundamentally important to you. Sometimes you make a resolution that you really aren't committed to, because it isn't right for you. Understand the motivation behind the resolution, and your resolution can support the revolution.

So now really think about it. Do you want to make any resolutions? You don't have to. But if you want to create or manifest changes in your life, think about what they entail. 

Once you have decided on and written out your Resolution(s)/Revolution(s), examine them one more time. Does each one get to the heart of your issue?

Before I started this spread, I had several goals, and intended to make several resolutions. But then I decided to narrow it down to one, because I knew if I honored this resolution, it would involve revolutionary change on my part AND positively impact all the other areas of my life that I would like to see change in different ways. I recommend you focus on no more than three resolutions/revolutions--because a revolution involves a lot of time, energy, and commitment. You don't want your revolution to fail because you are active on too many, possibly conflicting, fronts.

Have you written yours? Once you do so, choose a tarot card to represent the energy/theme/actual imagery of your desired resolution/revolution. Take time to specifically state some of the things you see in your card that speak to various aspects of your resolution/revolution. Consider in depth how these symbols or meanings might play out in your personal revolution. Don't forget to write them down.

Once you have done that, you may go on to shuffle your deck and select five cards FACE DOWN. You only get to consciously select the first card that represents your resolution/revolution. Place the five cards that you choose in a row beneath the card you have chosen to represent your resolution(s)/revolution(s).








Have you really taken the time you need to formulate your resolution(s)? Spent time examining your card(s) and leaching every insight possible? Have you written everything down? Please don't go on to the next step until you have...Revolutions are serious business!


Card One - What must I do to begin my New Year's Revolution? --

Card Two - What will help me build a bridge from my present self to my desired revolution?

Card Three - What blesses me in this revolution?

Card Four - What blessings will come to others through my personal revolution?

Card Five - What will make my personal revolution complete its turning?

I have shared an abbreviated version of my own reading as a guideline to help you do your own. I don't like being so open, but it seems necessary. I hope this spread is as inspiring to you as it has been for me--but we'll really only know how successful it is as time passes. I believe this is really a spread that rewards thought and application.

I hope you all have a successful New Year's Revolution...if that is what you choose to have.

Spread and page 2006 Diane Wilkes