July 2009 Spread of the Month

New Perspective Spread by Diane Wilkes

This spread allows you to use a Majors Only deck, in addition to your favorite 78 card deck. If you only have one deck, you can separate your cards into Majors Only and use the remainder of your deck for the other positions in the spread.



                                                                          1                                                     4

                                                  2                                           3                                5



Card One: What life lesson did I need to learn from my past issue/concern (Major Arcana)

Card Two: What I need to know to get closure on the past issue/concern

Card Three: What I need to do to get closure on the past issue/concern

Card Four: Which archetype should be the focus of my new project/vision (Major Arcana)

Card Five:   How can I stay inspired in my new project/vision?

Card Six:     What do I psychically sense about my new project/vision?

Card Seven: What area do I need to research/analyze about my new project/vision?

Card Eight:  What must I do to ensure I manifest my new project/vision?

Page and spread 2009 Diane Wilkes