The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot by Caitlin Matthews
Review by Dan Pelletier

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I gleefully opened the large box containing Caitlin Matthews' latest offering.  I first took out the book and read up until the ‘card meanings.’  Then I took out the deck . . .


Blank Space!  All this Blank Wasted Space!  Each Card!  The art shrunk so Blank Space ruled each image…White….


On an average, each card carries almost 10% up to 20% blank white space to frame a reduced piece of precious art.


Shame on the publishers!


Caitlin Matthews' wonderful words in the companion book are profound, brilliant, worth spending time with.  Her words and creativity are a lovely dance in prose. Listen:


 “Everyone’s soul is an enigma waiting to be read.  Destiny is not a fixed or fated pathway, but an unfolding blueprint that we each discover as we experience life.” 




The book, however, is written in red ink with small font.  Some men are red/green colorblind and will find this book … shall we say … unenjoyable--and painful to look at.


Da Vinci’s reproduced art does not come alive.  The shrunken images are flat, lifeless, and drab.


To me, the deck reeks of ‘editing’.  I am left feeling the publisher snubbed Caitlin Matthews' vision, the memory and works of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the public by ‘saving ink’, and not presenting such vision as boldly as it can and should be.


Perhaps the publisher envisioned each card as a frame; and that each card was like a gallery wall – white, sterile, and lifeless.


It’s a shame they never pictured the art framed by our hands, our lives the gallery….


All I can say is that I know in the wilds of Nebraska, there’s a cornfield missing a scarecrow.

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If you would like to order this book/deck set, click here.

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Dan Pelletier lives 13 miles north of Seattle Washington with his lifemate of 19 years, Jan Welsh, his two cats, Spook and Pookha, and 31 rosebushes.  He has been reading cards for himself and others for 30+ years. Dan is also one of the owners of The Tarot Garden, a resource for tarot decks and related information on the Internet.

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