Sample Reading with the Da Vinci Enigma Tarot by Caitlin Matthews
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a general reading. I used Caitlin Matthews' Painter's Four Seasons Spread, which is, synchronously, the October 2005 featured Tarot Passages Spread.

The triumvirate of Major Arcana cards told me the querent's situation was one where there were life-altering changes that she was having, but they weren't tangible so much as spiritual (Hierophant/Enigma), though the querent herself was very focused on earthly matters (Empress), and that they were driving her to move towards a more spiritual or evolved state.

Card One: Beginner/Basis of the Question - V - Hierophant

This card indicated that the querent is seeking knowledge of some kind, though I wasn't sure if this was educational or religious in its orientation (and it could well be both). The combination of Taurus/Venus (Hierophant/Empress) suggested to me that the querent wanted something tangible and traditional, possibly something to do with her rle as mother or daughter. There was likely a yearning to integrate spiritual practice into her daily life in a way she could touch, taste, feel.

The querent needs to understand that, though one might yearn for definite, even dogmatic answers, she has gone beyond them, and needs to truly move to the next level of faith.

Card Two: Apprentice/What She Has to Learn About It - Six of Earth (Giving)

In order to move to that next level, the querent may need to learn balance in giving. She may be so desirous of attaining her goals that she gives too much, and then finds her internal well empty and barren. Spirituality and sacrifice don't have to go hand-in-hand. She may feel that spiritual stores have some kind of unknown limit, and she worries about overexceeding her personal account. There also might be an urge to hold back until she has tangible proof of the things she seeks.

There may be issues with giving or receiving on a tangible level. These issues not only affect her daily exchanges and interchanges, they impact her on a spiritual level. She needs to learn to both give and take with an open, expansive hand. In this way, she will actually feel more, not less, secure.

Card Three: Journeyman/Action to Take About It - II - Enigma

This card corresponds to the traditional High Priestess, and is, at first, an odd (enigmatic?) card to receive in an action position, because it is one of receptivity, not action. But in conjunction with the other cards, I read this as a reminder that contemplation and using your intuition are actions. The querent may be so outer-focused that she doesn't yet recognize the life-changing value of consistently checking in with her own psychic self.

Before the querent takes any physical action, she needs to spend some time in private with her own thoughts and feelings and really get in touch with her deepest needs and desires. Any confusion that she is feeling is based on not recognizing her soul's priorities. Once she is able to do that with clarity, right action is bound to follow.

And it doesn't have to be a painful or lugubrious process. One should never forget that the Mona Lisa is smiling.

Card Four: Master/What Inspires Her About It - III - Empress

Again, I sense that this issue has something to do with being a mother or a daughter...or just being a live and vital woman who must live in this very beautiful and very physical world. The image suggests that, beneath the adornments of the world, true happiness is found in the everyday, physical joys of existence. There is no need for the querent to overthink, but simply to trust in her own innate wisdom and then to act upon her truest, deepest desires. If a child or children are an inspiration, they serve as a daily reminder for the querent to live her best life. If her mother is a positive (or negative) influence, she needs to acknowledge that as well, in order to continue to strive for the life she wants.

Reading 2005 Diane Wilkes
Spread and images 2005 Caitlin Matthews (The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot)