The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner; text by Monte Farber
Review by Maighread

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The Enchanted Tarot deck was the first deck I ever purchased myself. I was so drawn into the beauty of the artwork on these cards that I simply had to buy it, even though I had no idea at the time what in the world I would do with it. The Enchanted Tarot has also been repackaged as the Zerner-Farber deck, which contains cards that are a lot smaller and easier to handle, with artwork that is essentially the same. However, both versions of the deck are available.

The Enchanted Tarot book - I bought it separately - contains beautiful color pictures of all 78 cards. Each includes a one page meditation on the opposite page divided into three parts: The Dream (a description of the image and the card's meaning), The Awakening (an interpretation of the card), and The Enchantment (healing rituals, chants and spells). The book also contains an introduction to basic divination, how to phrase questions, and a description of the following spreads: the one-card, three-card, and the Celtic Cross. These are all explained clearly and followed by sample readings.

The book gently encourages the reader to connect with the "land of their dreams" through the ancient use of stylized picture cards and storytelling. The focus is less on divination, per se, and more about receiving information and guidance, connecting with what Jung called the Collective Unconscious. The artwork of each card is a reproduction of one of Zerner's tapestries, which utilize a blending of several different techniques. The resulting images are layered with an abundance of rich textures and depth, resulting in the accusation by some that it is 'too cutesy' or for a teenage-girl demographic. While the symbology is not necessarily traditional, I believe it is a gold mine for the esoteric card reader.

The images Zerner depicts are generally traditional (read: Rider-Waite), with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, but without the violence and harshness that can sometimes unnerve a client. The Devil, for example, is no longer a frightening monster with chained slaves at his feet, but rather a dark mask of the human face with narrowed eyes, obsessively staring at his ill-gotten worldly gains. Death remains a skeleton, but one nonchalantly leaning against the pink wall of a flower-filled garden. Strength is VIII and Justice is XI in this deck. The suit names in the Minor Arcana are Swords, Wands, Pentacles and Hearts. The Court Cards are titled Princess, Prince, Queen and King.

There are a few nuances to the deck that add dimension to the traditional meanings, making it appropriate, I think, for relationship-focused readings. The Seven of Swords is labeled 'Opposition,' centering on the idea of reaping what one sows, rather than thievery, a traditional card meaning. The Four of Hearts is labeled 'Re-Evaluation,' as opposed to a apathy. The Eight of Hearts is 'Sacrifice,' not just withdrawal or abandoned success.

As a story-teller, I am drawn to the fables that are created within the artwork. The symbology is not traditional, but is rich nonetheless. I rarely use this deck for divination, partially due to the awkward size of the cards, but also from a desire to protect these beautiful pieces of art. I simply can't bear to think of them becoming dog-eared and faded. I do, however, use it for meditation, and have often turned to the book to read - again - the inspiring messages. This deck really lives up to its invitation to enter "the land of our dreams."

Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner; Text by Monte Farber
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, NY, 1990
ISBN#: 0312050798

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