Sample Reading with the Full Moon Dreams Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent had recently learned that he and his wife were about to become first-time parents. He asked for a reading "focusing on his new status as a father-to-be."

1 - What I have to teach - Five of Air

The querent possesses a powerful and complex mind, and truly values the intellect. It is very important for him to have a child with a curious and challenging intelligence. The querent looks forward to teaching his child all about the things that engage and stimulate him. He will have to remember that, no matter how bright his child is, great intellect can be intimidating. It will be important to create a learning environment that is fun, non-threatening, and even a place where the querent can be on a somewhat parallel level with his child (video games or some other area that will ensure an even playing field). It may also be that the querent will need to acquire additional patience and tolerance.

The querent has developed into a strong and self-confident individual, but this may not always have been the case. He can teach his child to cultivate those qualities, as well as empathize with and help his child to deal with issues of insecurity and/or childhood teasing and taunting.

Lastly, this card reminds the querent to remember what was positive (and negative) in his own upbringing, and to ensure that he integrate the positives and do the best he can to eliminate the negatives. 

2 - What I have to learn - Death

Having a child is a portal into an entire new life, with new demands, sacrifices, and pleasures. The querent may not be overly keen on changing (most human beings avoid change, even for the better), yet the querent is thrilled at becoming a father. There is no question that this will be a transforming experience for him. In theory, one knows that babies will eventually acquire a standardized sleep and feeding schedule, but in actuality, changing diapers and getting up at two, three, and four a.m. to quiet a colicky infant can be harrowing. If the querent currently has issues with change, he will learn flexibility with a degree of heretofore unknown abruptness.

This is not a dark ride, as Bruce Springsteen once wrote. But it is a life-altering one. The querent's capacity for love, fear, patience, and growth will increase a thousand-fold. And with those changes, his self-image will transform as well.

3 - What my child will learn from me - King of Water

The querent's child will learn unconditional love from the very beginning of his or her existence. His or her father will be seen as a wise, strong, and, most of all, loving leader. It may be that the child spends more time with his or her mother than his/her father, but there will never be any question that he or she is greatly loved. The child will also learn rather quickly that Dad is way ahead of him or her in terms of any kind of mental or emotional manipulations, even though there will be a certain degree of latitude.

4 - What my child will teach me - Wheel of the Year

To everything there is a season, turn turn turn. Until now, the patterns of time have been more or less irrelevant to the querent, but the birth of his child will teach him about the inexorable way time has of moving on. Each phase of the child's life will seem wonderfully fresh and exciting, but there is no way of going back to experience those earlier phases. It is incumbent upon the querent to enjoy every stage of his child's development and spend as much quality and quantity time with his new child as possible...because there are no do-overs in parenting.

This sounds grim, and it isn't meant to. As time passes, so will the querent ripen and develop new gifts, skills, and understanding as a parent and a human being. Being a parent will inform his humanity and his humanity will color the way he parents. Things that seemed importance once will seem less so and things that didn't matter will become meaningful. And so another cycle, another phase, another world is born.

It seems significant that the two Majors were in the positions of the querent's learning, as opposed to teaching. The birth of his child is clearly going to be transformative, life-changing, dramatically so. (We didn't need the cards to tell us that!) The fact that the cards about his teaching suggest that the querent's the life-lessons he has already acquired stand him in good stead as he prepares for the birth of his newborn. The circumstances are going to be quite different, but the querent's essential being is one of growth and expansion--he welcomes the transformation.  

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Images 2005 Lunaea Weatherstone
Reading and page 2005 Diane Wilkes