Sample Reading with Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent wanted advice on improving the home-schooling process for herself and her son.

Card One: What Do I Know? - Four of Pentacles Rev.

Structure is the most important thing for the home schooling to succeed--and it is the querent's weak point. Balance is something she needs to keep in mind--having a structure means that occasional exceptions to the process are just that--exceptions, as opposed to being the rule. This card has been called the constipation card--in its reversed form, things might have been too loose, instead, causing a lack of cohesion and energy to dissipate.

The querent knows she must make the learning situation fun--both for her son and for herself. Neither is particularly jazzed at the idea of learning for learning's sake. Their attention spans must be fully engaged in order for them to actually do what they have to do, and since she's the captain of the educational ship, she needs to be motivated to steer it properly. One thing that might work is choosing a large, multi-layered project that allows for all aspects of education to come into play--a project that excites both mother and son.

Card Two: What Don't I Know? - Six of Cups

It is a struggle for the querent to sustain a calm and loving educational environment, where the exchanges remain pleasant and conducive to learning. It is something she needs to work on consciously and consistently. She also is challenged by balancing the needs of her son with those of her other two children, which is visually suggested by the card image. Only one is home-schooled.

In addition to that, the querent needs lone time and time with her spouse. Carving out time for all involved is an ever-changing emotional process suggested by this card, which suggests the elements of fire (passion) and water (emotions). There is no air/detachment in this card, which makes it difficult to manifest tangible success (missing earth). The querent realized she needs to take time outs when tempers flare, something she has learned, but can perfect.

Card Three: What Next for Optimum Productivity? - Wheel of Fortune

This card echoes the last in terms of balance and flow. Here, though, the elements of air and water take top billing--the key is tempering thought and feeling, instead of operating on a more fiery level. The card suggests one large pentacle (the large project that encompasses various aspects of learning?). Sacrifice is necessary on the querent's part, including sacrificing her preference for the fluid to recognizing the need for a working structure. Instead of seeing things in an all-or-nothing way, she should recognize that all cycles are necessary in order to harvest something--at some point, the things she enjoys can come into play, but now isn't the time for them all.

She also needs to plan around certain cycles. When she recently moved, school understandably came to a standstill for a while. Yet, the querent had enough time to recognize that more work would need to be done beforehand, and ignored that reality. Had she planned for it, her son would have gotten less behind in his studies. Creating lesson plans, something she had not done prior to this reading, was suggested.

On a more profound level, the querent needed to recognize that she was in charge of the wheel, yet she felt she was driven by it. The fixed signs that surround the Wheel speak to the importance of consistency--without that grounded, solid energy, the Wheel can not turn. Stability must be at the four corners of this process for the educational wheel to continue to spin and flourish.

This message was echoed by the fact that all three cards in this reading were even numbered--being on an even keel was emphasized yet again, in another pattern.

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