Vanessa Tarot Sample Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent wanted to know more about a budding romantic relationship. Both the querent and the subject of the querent's interest travel a great deal in their jobs, so thus far the relationship has been conducted primarily via email, text messages and telephone calls. This reading explored the potential of the relationship.

Card One: Querent Significator - Eight of Coins

The Eight of Coins suggests that the querent has a few personal issues to address prior to the relationship flourishing. Not only is she very busy and involved in her work, the querent feels somewhat vulnerable and feels she has to protect herself against being hurt. The man she is interested in is also very involved in his work, but he wears it more lightly (The Fool!) and is actually more open to the possibilities of their relationship than she is. This card suggests the querent work hard on examining exactly what she wants to create for herself in terms of this relationship and her career and how she will balance both in a productive manner.

Card Two: Love Interest Significator - The Fool

The potential love interest travels even more than the querent and he's immersed in the adventure of it all. His freedom is very important to him and right now he wants to travel light. While he's attracted by the querent, he sees their relationship as a journey to travel together and separately. He has some aspirations for himself that can only be met by individual exploration. Right now, he's averse to a serious commitment, but he's open to see where the relationship goes.

These cards are striking in their different approaches to the situation and the querent would be well served to keep that in mind.

Card Three: Best Case Scenario - Knight of Cups rev.

The best case scenario is the reversed Knight of Cups. This suggests that both individuals get to know each other in real life, instead of via long-distance communication. Right now they both have romanticized ideas of the other. Only time will tell if those ideas are founded in day-to-day reality.

Card Four: Worst Case Scenario - The Moon

The Moon emphasizes and reiterates the message of the reversed Knight of Cups. The Moon's light is not reliable and fantasy and delusion can blind both people to what it is they really want and who each person really is. The potential is definitely there for a soul-deep connection, but only time spent in the daily sunlight will tell their tale. The warning in both cards is clear: stay in reality and avoid doing too much fantasizing/imagining about the other person.

Card Five: Most Likely Scenario At Present - Seven of Cups

This version of the Seven of Cups reminds me of the Meat Loaf lyric, "Let me sleep on it/I'll give you my answer in the morning." The querent needs to make some choices before she gets together with her love interest in person. She needs to figure out how she can fit him into her life and the level of trust and vulnerability she can afford to invest. This card triples the message of the two cards above: romantic reveries are diverting, but dangerous. The Eight of Pentacles signifying the querent speaks to her usual practical, grounded self. She needs to cobble together a game plan that takes both her and his priorities into account.



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Reading, spread, and page 2008, 2009 Diane Wilkes