Sample Reading with the Tarot of the White Cats by Severino Baraldi
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked some specific questions about her romances, along with wanting some general guidance about finding love.


The first thing I noted about this reading was that she received all Majors, which is not statistically likely. This said to me that finding and sustaining a romantic relationship has a pivotal role in the querent's life and thoughts, and perhaps she does herself a disservice by focusing on that particular issue to the extent that she does. The specific cards in the read also suggest that there are other areas in the querent's life that deserve more attention--if only as a stepping stone to become the person who will attract what she wants romantically into her life.

Card One: Letting go of the connection to an ex and connecting with someone new - Judgment

While I considered reading these as separate issues, I decided they really were inextricably intertwined. The card that came up confirmed my decision--Judgment is really about evolving to another level, and it demands finality of that old one before ascension begins. As I looked upon the different faces and positions of all the different kitty angels flying towards the heavens, I knew the querent needed to focus on aspects of opening up to and playing with life, instead of living in fear and/or a feeling of limitation. She could be clinging to the known paths that have not brought her sufficient joy  instead of traversing new ones that have the promise of possibility. I get a sense that the querent literally lacks faith in terms of her own romantic future, and is creating a negative, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Card Two: Contacting High School Beau - Empress Reversed

This card opened a lot of possibilities. My first thought was that the querent might have preferred the man to contact her, because of traditional sexual roles (woman as pursuee, not pursuer), and hesitates because of the implication of being the "aggressor." The querent could be seeking the Empress' rle of wife before this new relationship has the chance to breathe and grow. Alternately, this man--or the querent--could have mother issues that could interfere with the relationship in some way. In a more positive light, the querent has nothing to lose by contacting him except being shackled to traditional expectations of what is "feminine." On a deep level, this card suggests the querent take on her own strength as an Empress, with or without a consort in the picture.

Card Three: Action to Take to Bring the Kind of Love the Querent Wants Into Her Life - Temperance

On a literal level, this card could suggest going to a bar, as the Temperance cat is mixing drinks. On a more metaphoric level, it speaks to self-transmutation and realizing one's growth is often a solo pursuit. However, going to places with like-minded individuals who are also working on themselves in some way can't hurt, as long as the querent's focus remains on herself. The featured cat has one paw on dry land, and the other immersed in water; this suggests the querent "wet her feet" in a variety of new social/spiritual endeavors that allow her to meet new people. Some kind of pot luck "get-togethers" come to mind, as well.    

All of these cards working together speak to a woman recognizing and appreciating her own strength and valuing herself enough to trust that the right relationship will come along at the right time--and putting herself in social situations that will allow that to happen.

Images 2005 Lo Scarabeo
Reading and page 2005 Diane Wilkes