Reading with Samantha's Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The March 2003 Spread of the Month is the Whole Person Layout by Teresa Michelsen (from her book Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads). It was a perfect spread to use for the querent, who had recently given her ex-husband a business proposal and request for a loan to expand her store, but had yet to hear his answer.

Card One: Head -- What you know or need to know about this situation -- Nine of Cups

The querent's relationship with her ex-husband was one where he looked upon her with great tenderness, despite their situation (note the gentle gaze the orange cat gives the mouse in this unique version of the Nine of Cups). While she was very conscious that she was in a lower position, because she was seeking a favor from him, she needed to know that there was still a great deal of real affection flowing in both directions. The querent noted that there had always been a lot of gamesmanship and game playing in their relationship, and she knew her ex was enjoying his position of powerful cat to her mouse. I pointed out that he might feel that she was the one with the power, as she had left him and she had primary custody of their son. The bottom line the message this card held was that their relationship, whether or not he granted her request, was one of great fondness for one another, and that, while their relationship had changed, love and affection remains for them both, and this is something to treasure and maintain, for their son's sake, if nothing else.

Card Two: Mouth -- What kind of communication is needed in this situation -- Seven of Pentacles

Patience, patience, patience. The querent had already contacted her ex once to find out whether he had made a decision. The card image suggested that the querent focus her communication and attention in nourishing her store as if it were a plant that only she could ensure the growth of. It was time for her to again see the exquisite flower her store-garden already is, and lavish her attention there. If her ex-husband didn't give her the loan, she had other alternatives--it was time for her to understand she had watered the situation with her ex-husband in every way she could--devised an excellent business plan and was specific in her requirements and needs. Now she needed to focus her attention elsewhere.

Card Three: Heart -- How you feel about this situation -- Three of Cups

The querent was fairly lighthearted about the situation, despite the seriousness of her intent and desire. It was time for her to share her burdens with close friends, but more important to celebrate the outcome with them, whatever it was.

Card Four: Gut -- What your instincts tell you to do -- Hanged Man

When she saw this card, the querent gulped a bit, feeling queasy at the sight of the bungee jumping man. Her gut told her that she needed to let this go, as she no longer had control over the outcome, just her response to it. However, she is a person who likes to be in control, so her gut and her actions were not united. I reminded her that this card shows someone who has chosen to suspend himself from a high bridge--no one placed him there. She has been in control of all the things she has control over and has handled them with both courage and dedication. Her gut knows that she may have leapt and taken a risk, but ultimately she will be no worse off if her ex says no, and stand to benefit greatly if he says yes. So she needed to let go of her fears and apprehensions, as they did not serve her.

Cards Five-Six: Hands -- What you can do about this situation -- Ace of Cups, Nine of Wands

The short answer was to remember the love and to hold on to her courage. Both were things she had already done, but she needed to continue to do them.

Cards Seven-Eight: Feet: Next steps, where you can go from here -- Temperance, Four of Wands

The querent's next steps were to continue to blend the elements necessary for success in her store. This was particularly apt, as part of her business is herbal and essential oil-related. This particular Temperance shows a great deal of open-hearted faith and trust in nature and divine guidance, and this card reminded the querent that she innately possessed those traits. The Four of Wands was another card of celebration, an indicator that her store would succeed, even if the loan didn't come from her ex-husband. The card did suggest success in that area, however. It also depicted a party, and the querent had recently held a one year birthday celebration for her store. Consequently, it might behoove the querent to continue to have celebratory events to draw clientele to her shop.

I noted that there was a combination of Majors, Cups and Wands, speaking to important themes (transmutation (Temperance) and learning to let go (Hanged Man), as well as love (Cups) and entrepreneurial inspiration (Wands). That no Swords were in this spread said there is nothing more to think about, write, or communicate verbally. That aspect had already been taken care of. It was now a time to spend her energy on cultivating her own garden (Seven of Pentacles), nourishing it with love (Cups) and firing up her plans to attract more business (Wands).

Postscript: The querent's ex-husband did refuse to give her the loan; however, she may approach him with a revised plan, and has also been looking into other avenues. Some of the cards, particularly the Nine of Cups and the Hanged Man, have been amazingly illustrative of the querent's situation.

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