Reading with the Swedish Witch Tarot by Diane Wilkes

Using the January 2003 Tarot Passages spread of the month, I used the Swedish Witch Tarot to see what resolutions I should consider in the New Year.

Card One:         What negative quality do I wish to transform in the coming year? - Two of Swords

I can be too passive about achieving my life's goals, often because I am of two minds. The animal on the hilt of one of these swords is the eagle, representing fierce action, and the other is the owl, representing wisdom and reflection. Finding a middle ground between the two can often result in my doing nothing at all, which is a violation of what both animals represent. The keyword for this card is Fred/Peace, and in its message, I know I can't find peace in passivity. Taking action after reflecting with wisdom is the path of transformation that will ultimately give me the serenity I seek. But I have to walk that path, not sit in a lotus blossom meditating forever!

Card Two:         What positive quality do I wish to nurture in the coming year? - Empress

I have finally begun to give birth to my creations, and I find it as satisfying as the woman who sits atop the sea in this image. Balancing two fruits of labor can be arduous, and I need to remember to take time to dip my foot in the waters that replenish me, else the wells of creativity can run--or at least, feel--dry. The Empress' skirt is adorned with bees--movement and energy must be a part of my creativity as well, but not aimless flying about. "Produce, produce, produce, for the night is coming," said Carlyle. Staying in close touch with the things that move me will produce results that matter, live, and breathe.  

Card Three:        What new energy do I wish to inculcate in the coming year? - Queen of Swords

This Queen of Swords is warmer than many. I wrote the review of this deck prior to doing this reading, so these words seem prophetic: "This Queen of Swords knows how to combine fierceness with wisdom, yet her face is sweetly sanguine. Perhaps she isn't hardened because she does know how to fuse those two qualities." I need to be fierce in fighting for the things that matter most to me--the key is in inculcating the wisdom to recognize what is vital and what is ephemeral.

Card Four:          What story do I need to tell this year? - Prince (Knight) of Wands

This is a card of going full steam ahead towards what you want most, fighting for the ideals that burn in the heart and soul. This particular version of the card reminds me of the Chariot, my Personality and Soul card. Time to direct my energies so that I can tell stories of my bravery, my courage, my movement towards the things that burn in my heart and soul. Again, an eagle flies in the night sky--do I want to soar with the eagles or hang back with the turkeys? Turkey stories are just not very exciting!

Card Five:           What aspiration would I be wise to conceive? - Five of Swords

Since I am reading for myself, I can make the joke that the aspiration I would be wise to conceive is to give up, looking at this card showing a man flat on his back in a position of exhaustion. The keyword for this card is Anxiety, adding additional stress (so to speak). After reflection (there's that Two of Swords/Queen of Swords combo coming to the fore), I think my aspiration is to really look at what frightens me into not moving forward. Examine the dark nooks and crannies that have laid me on my back, so that they no longer have the force and energy of the shadows, and can be moved into the light. The Full Moon that shines its light on the five swords seems to agree that I can turn those swords into ploughshares if I am willing to go into the dark with complete openness (note how the man is almost buck naked). 

Three out of five of these cards are swords, which speaks to the mental energies I will need to call on in the coming year. The fire of the Knight and the Venus energy of the Empress both speak of creativity and accomplishment, if I can overcome my negative thought patterns and keep moving, even if I'm not sure the direction is forward. The tangible (Pentacles) and emotional issues will take care of themselves, if I can keep my fire burning and my thoughts crisp and clear.

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