Tarot for All Seasons by Christine Jette       Review by Diane Wilkes

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This new book by Christine Jette is somewhat slighter than her earlier books, Tarot Shadow Work and Tarot for the Healing Heart, but has influenced my thinking about the tarot in unexpected ways.  The book, 154 pages  including index, goes through the Wheel of the Year, with tarot spreads for the eight solar festivals and for the waxing, waning, and full moon.  Since I don't follow a Wiccan path, you might think I'd have found the book irrelevant.  You'd be wrong.  It made me think about the holidays (holy days) that I do celebrate (or want to commemorate in some way), and inspired me to create spreads for them all.  It actually made me completely re-evaluate, clarify, and honor my own path more, and for that, I am grateful to the author.

Jette gives sample readings for each spread and suggests that we think about the cards that come up in the sample spreads and develop our own interpretations before reading hers.  Ideally, the sample readings would include the spread position meaning on the same page, so we wouldn't have to keep turning back to re-read the questions.   I followed Jette's instruction to devise our own answers before reading hers and exploring mine and how they differed and coincided with hers was enlightening in unexpected ways.  Here's one example:  because I drink alcohol about twice a year, it's not part of my immediate worldview.  So when the Three of Cups came up in one of the spreads, I immediately thought of interpreting it as cultivating and encouraging friendships as one way of restoring a sense of balance.  The sample reading spoke of the querent having been overindulging in alcohol and needing to cut back.  While this didn't devalue my interpretation in any way, it reminded me that the general population (which includes my clients) often has substance abuse issues.  This led to my recognizing yet again that the world is a lot larger than my personal world, and to remember to be open to all sorts of situations and options that might not be in my immediate perceptions.

The book is extremely readable--Jette's writing is utterly clear and concise.  I read it in less than a day.   I would have preferred it to be even longer.   Since there are several spreads based on cycles of moon, the book could have used an appendix giving dates for the next year, not to mention fuller explanation of the moon cycles.   The book includes wonderful, full definitions of the holidays, so why not more specificity about the Moon cycle?   Even a short section with crystal definitions would not have come amiss, as Jette suggests specific crystals to use during the holidays.  She cautions specifically about Onyx causing depression in some individuals, but that it can be a particularly profound stone for Capricorns.  I would have loved more of this kind of personal commentary on the other stones mentioned.

The last section of the book is an Appendix that gives upright and reversed meanings for each card, so even a complete novice who is coming to tarot through Wicca would find this book all they needed (along with a tarot deck) to begin their studies.  Reading Jette's sample spreads would be a wonderful introduction for reading with compassion, wisdom, and reason.  Her whole style is empowering, yet she doesn't flinch from addressing potential hot-spot issues.  I wish all readers combined such a deep and personal understanding of the cards with such a healthy and rational approach.

You can guess that I'm a fan of Jette's work.  I am.  I do think this book best serves a person who follows a Celtic/Wiccan spiritual path, for obvious reasons, but don't eschew it if you have a different one.  It can open your eyes to possibilities within your own path.  I must admit I recommend this book primarily to Wiccans, though anyone who collects good books on the tarot will want to add this to their collection. 

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Tarot for All Seasons by Christine Jette
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
ISBN#: 0-7387-0105-X

Review and page 2001 Diane Wilkes