Tarot Amulets by Merlin

The High Priestess
The Tower
The Sun



Tarot Amulets are the brainchild of artist, sculptor and jeweler Merlin (Kirk McLaren). This set of 22 bronze amulets range in size from 1" to 1 3/4". Majors only, some are instantly recognizable, but others reflect McLaren's own vision of the cards. Each set is individually hand cast and the set can be ordered in Sterling Silver as well. Thrown in a manner similar to runes, the endless permutations are fascinating to interpret. They come with an explanatory booklet, which describes each piece, and provides suggestions for how to read them. Look for a review here in the next few weeks. A truly unique gift!
Bronze Set - $99.00
Sterling Silver Set $299.00

Tarot Amulets can be ordered from:

Amulets by Merlin
P.O. Box 2643
Newport News, VA 23609
(757) 874-1476
You can get more information from Merlin's Home Page

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