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This should be called a preview, vice a review. This deck is currently being printed and is not currently available for distribution. First issued as a black and white deck in 1979, this new version is in color. The cards are squarer than average and will be 5" X 7" in the published version. Each card contains a wealth of written information and symbols based primarily on the teachings of the Golden Dawn. The art is presented in a circle in the center of the card leaving generous top and bottom borders for written information. The art appears to be pen and ink drawing colored with watercolors. The colors tend to the pastel and are soft and fluid. Symbols are worked into the images as well. One could spend many hours on the symbols alone.

In the Major Arcana, the top border contains the following:

The bottom border contains:

The Major Arcana have all been renamed:

0 – Transformation 6 – Reunion 12 – Responsibility 17 – Service
1 – Unlimited Possibilities 7 – Trust 13 – Destiny 18 – Courage
2 – The Inner Voice 8 – The Kundalini 14 – Aspiration 19 – Alignment
3 – Harmony 9 – Remembering 15 – Transmutation 20 – Liberation
4 – Enthusiasm 10 – The Gateless Gate 16 - Reconstruction 21 - Attainment
5 - Inspiration 11 – Acceptance

The Minor Arcana suits are Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The Court consists of the King, Queen, Knight and Princess. The Minor Arcana are pip-like. They have the suit symbol in the requisite number, but they also have images and symbols worked into the design. The Minor Arcana also contain a wealth of information. The top border has:

The bottom border contains:

There are additional talismans/sigils in the side borders. Per the artist, these symbols were used "to dedicate gardens, floor plans, etc., to the planets, gods or spirits that dwell in the cosmic spheres of the Kabballah." The information on the "light" associated with each card came to the artist through meditation, study and teaching. The backs are not reversible and depict a rainbow colored angel, flecked with gold.

This deck is heavily based on the work of the Golden Dawn. The images on the Major Arcana are generally quite different from the Waite deck. There is no little booklet written for this deck, because the artist felt that it would not offer enough information. There is a full-length book written for the deck. The title is, "The Starward Path Instruction Manual for the Use of the Angelic Tarot." It discusses each card in depth providing information on the Qabalistic and Astrological correspondences. The symbols on each card are also identified and explained. A sample card description is available below. I do not have the book as it has not yet been released, but the Table of Contents indicates that there will be information on using the cards as a meditative tool and as a tool for divination. The forward was written by Israel Regardie and the artist recommends Regardie’s The Golden Dawn as a key reference for this deck. There is also a certification program available for those who are interested in obtaining instruction on how to use this deck in a professional Tarot practice.

Not having the book, I can not comment very much on the author’s meanings as a whole, but I have made some observations, based on the short meanings provided on the cards themselves. The meanings seem to lean towards the positive. Cards that are traditionally less cheerful are given a more positive spin. For example, the Nine of Swords is called "The Light of Clarity," and the Ten is called "The Light of Insight." I also note that there has been some effort to incorporate systems not traditionally associated with the Tarot or the Golden Dawn. Feng Shui is an example. The deck has a somewhat Christian approach – but then, the Golden Dawn was made up primarily of Christians. I also detect a Buddhist or Asian flavor. Those who like symbols will enjoy this deck. It would be useful for meditating and as an aid to learning astrology and Qabala.

I recommend this deck for those who are looking for a deck that makes use of several related systems used by the Golden Dawn. This deck would be useful to those who want to expand their knowledge of the systems the Golden Dawn used in their Tarot teachings. The decks are currently* being printed and can be ordered now. Advance orders are being taken and a discount is offered to those who order in advance.

*February 2000

Angelic Tarot Deck
Artist/Author: Amy Caroll
Publisher: Starfire Press

You can get more information and/or order from the Angelic Tarot Web Site



 Synchronicity, Practicing the Presence,  Transformation
 Gonads - 84 Years, Uranus

If ever there was a time for transformation that time is now: If ever there were forces in the universe that would propel you into action they are active now: If there was a bolt of lightning that was about to strike anyone with conscious awareness it would strike you now: As you look at this mandala, you become the divine traveler walking on the razorıs edge of total consciousness. See how all the old faithful friends bark at you as you transform. See how unusual you are. Love your strangeness. You are radically unique.    See how the old traditions drop away as you transform. See yourself transform as you see new truth or change old beliefs. See the dog, symbolic of the faithful, by your side.   Become aware of the folly of your old sense of limitations. You are practicing the presence: acknowledging who you are, finding out all about your extraordinary, miraculous, or just ordinary self. What or who are you? What or who is at the center of yourself? What is your mind and/or body self made of? Where are you? Where are you going?
The crescent moon is embracing your head, symbolic of the newness or new beginnings embracing your consciousness. The eight pointed star is a crown behind you, symbolic of the powerful impulses that are stirring in your life, mind, imagination.   The main principle of this teaching is eccentricity. The Planet Uranus is most generally linked to rebels, reformers, inventors, erratic people, peculiar people, independent thinkers.   You are an immortal soul that has created itself to gain enlightenment. The eagle is watching your dance, symbolic of your conscious mind as you observe what is happening to you as you transform.    You are in tune with nature, heaven and earth. You are in tune with time or the way of all things. You are in the flow. You are in the Tao. You are in the moment. You are in the NOW.
This energy is like the end of a rainstorm or cloudy day when the brilliant blue sky and radiant sun refresh the air you breathe. You are breathing in life and truth in one moment of clarity. You are in the Tao. You have lifted the veil of self-deception. You are taking complete responsibility for all you do. Nothing is in your way. You have truly become yourself. You have become the atmosphere, the AIR,   ³NO - THING² and all things the Alpha and the Omega.   The Topaz and/or light yellow light is part of the vibration of Uranus. The true blue clarity of the vastness of the sky or space is a part of this magical energy.   The Aspen in the wind is symbolic for Uranus. The feeling of a mystical vortex, shimmering with unusual light and crackling electric sounds is the Uranian experience.
Let the purity of the white rose move you into the balance of peace and acceptance of yourself. You have chosen to find the jewel of great price. You have picked the white rose of wholeness and purity.   Notice how the thorns, symbolic of your pain and suffering, on the rose bush have led you to transform yourself and your life. You have developed strong principles, and you are now living those ideals. You can no longer live in denial of the truth. You are beyond the duality. You can no longer give lip service to the ideals you wish to live by. You are choosing to live your ideal life. You are in a state of purity, bliss and wholeness.
You wear the crown of green laurel leaves, symbolic of your victory over pain and fear. You can no longer accept living with hypocrisy. You are fearless. You must surround yourself with honesty, dignity and truth, all else drops away. You are living in the presence of your highest evolutionary state: clarity, wisdom, and action that leads you to the practice of perfection. You are the embodiment of divine awareness. You are focused on total perfection. The multiple realities and levels of being which were based on fear have dropped away like a deep chasm in the earth. You float miraculously above the old limited ways of life.   You are awaken.
The name of God (Adonai) is inscribed in the sun. Your life like the earth revolves around your central self. Your central self or essence is like the sun. The presence of the Creator is within you. You are standing at the altar of the high self, symbolized by the eternal flame and altar at your feet.   The ascending triangle is symbolic of your vision of truth and hope. The ascending triangle is a symbol for Air and or Fire. Air and Fire are yang or masculine energies of creation. The seven pointed mystical star floats at your side. The seven white birds are drawn to your center for you are walking the mystical path. The OM, the sound of sounds, at your center is symbolic of your awakened essence and being.   Your intent is for the highest and the best to be manifested now.  
The mandala is split into day and night to symbolize duality.     We often go from wholeness into duality to regain a greater sense of wholeness. Uranus gets it name from Ouranos, the primeval god of the Universe. Ouranos was the son of Mother Earth and the father of the Titans.   Ouranos was the first sky god or father god. The Titans, the children of Ouranos, castrated their father.   The castrated Ouranos threw his son as far down into the underworld as he was high in the sky.    This act of separation of above and below credits Ouranos with the creation of the first polarity or duality.   Here we may be able to recognize all the duality in our lives. We recognize our differences, our uniqueness. Our differences should not make enemies. Our uniqueness must be expressed. Day must be day and night must be night.    
See yourself as the perfected self, beyond all duality filled with the total essence and power of both the male and female aspects of yourself.   Uranus is all that is unusual or peculiar. The gender of this mandala is undefined and radically changeable. See yourself as a hermaphrodite, or even without gender. Uranus has a radical orbit of approximately eighty-four earth years to circle the Sun. The gift here is the wisdom of the collective communications and pressures experienced through an eighty-four year cycle of life. The cycle from your conception to eighty some years of age usually spans one linear earth incarnation. The pathway leads from non-sexual to sexual, to transsexual or both male and female regardless of gender.    The hermaphrodite is the combined power of both sexes, and is neither sex.
This energy called ³The Scintillating Intelligence² is ruled by the planet Uranus and the sign of the zodiac Aquarius, which is the natural foundation for the eleventh house of the celestial horoscope. This vibration teaches us about passionate visions for the future, innovations, and change which are the trademark of the eleventh house and Aquarian ideals.
Uranus is called the ³higher octave² of Mercury; Uranus and Mercury both have rulership over the mind. Uranus governs the rhythms of the body through the membranes of the brain and nervous system. Uranus governs the transmissions of electrical impulses from the brain throughout body.   The ³ETHERIC   BODY² or our electro-magnetic field is therefore ruled by Uranus. Uranus rules our electro-magnetic unions with partners, and is the motivating force of sexuality.   The motivating sexual energy in the gonads combines with all the other glands in our bodies.     Uranus regulates and affects the harmony and balance of all the glands in our bodies. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural foundation of the eighth house of the celestial horoscope. The energy of Uranus filtered through the eighth house that is ruled by Scorpio brings forward   perceptions of the universal rhythms and/or cycles of rebirth, life, sex, procreation and death. The mysteries and our attempts to find peace and to understand  the truths of these universal cycles are the basis of metaphysics.          
Uranus is the first of the three transpersonal or ³outer² planets in our solar system. William Herschel is credited with the discovery of Uranus in 1781. The discovery of Uranus coincided with the Industrial Revolution and the use of electricity. Communication, transportation, and the effects of electricity profoundly changed the human potential and our society.   We will ultimately find the end to race-gender based living rooted in the industrial revolution and the energy field of the planet Uranus. Inventors, rebels, eccentrics, electricity, atomic energy (Uranium), technicians, inspired individuals are the personifications of the energy surrounding Uranus. Uranus is half the size of Saturn and more than nineteen times further from the Sun than the Earth. Hydrogen and Helium are the main components of its atmosphere. The unusual orbits of the five moons of Uranus are contrary to all the other planetary and satellite motions.   These highly unusual orbits lead to the discoveries of Neptune and Pluto. The magnetic fields of Neptune and Pluto are a causal factor in the eccentric orbits of moons of Uranus. Uranus is also unusual in that its axis is tilted at an 82s angle to the plane of the ecliptic.     What is unusual or eccentric about you? How do you feel about this quality? What are your judgments on yourself? What are the judgments placed upon you by others? How can you let it go and accept yourself as you are?
The Uranian forces are wild, electric, and radical. You will find uncanny synchronicity as you experience the zero teaching: a chance meeting that transforms your life. You carry the hobo's staff and bundle that symbolically represent the transient nature of life on earth. The magical sack or bundle painted with a butterfly and sealed with ten buttons: symbolic of all things and no thing, the ten(1+0=1) as one, the idea of zero as all things and no thing, symbolic of the invisible source of all things, symbolic of the ten archangels around the throne of God. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. Heaven and earth as one divine presence expressed in you. Uranus gives us the ability to integrate all influences that might not seem to fit our ³personal evaluations.² Uranus gives us the insight to recognize our uniqueness, peculiarities, individual nature, and thereby release our creativity.   Acceptance of the eccentric impulses of Uranus produces an unusual, deep, compassionate, clear, and uncanny understanding of ourselves.
Five of the Arcana of The Symbolic Cards of Art represent one of the five elements. They have extra emphasis in a particular season, or state of awareness. This mandala is symbolic of the element of Air and Metal. The five elements are Air and or Metal, The Scintillating Intelligence, Zero; Water, The Stable Intelligence, Twelve; Wood, The Rewarding Intelligence, Ten; Fire, The Perpetual Intelligence, Twenty: and Earth, The Administrative Intelligence, Twenty-One. In the cycle of creation the five elements each element gives birth to another element.
In the Western Mystical Occult traditions, the five elements are Ether, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The Major Arcana has been traditionally associated with Ether. The Four Suits of the Minor Arcana have each represented Fire /Wood (Wands), Water (Cups), Air/Metal (Swords), and Earth (Pentacles).   Here, the inclusion of the Eastern Mystical Occult traditions of the five elements: Metal/Air, Water/Water, Wood/Fire, Fire/Fire, and Earth/Earth into this system will offer the user a broader base for interpretation and understanding. Our global psyche both eastern and western wishes to find a balance and harmony between all the elements of our creation.
Air and or Metal has the following correspondences: The direction is the West.    The season is the Autumn.   The climatic condition is dryness. The process is harvesting. The color is white. The taste is pungent. The smell is rank. The Yin Organ is the Lungs. The Yang Organ is the Large Intestines. The opening is the nose. The tissue is the skin and hair. The healing gifts are courage and inspiration.    The emotions that are stored in the lungs and large intestine are grief and sadness. The human sound is weeping. The more you experience and let go of your grief and sadness the more courage and inspiration you can express in your life.
The White Tiger is the visionary protection for the energy we call Courage living and expressing its energy in our lungs and large intestines. Breathe in calmness and breathe out relaxation. Visualize your White Tiger. Feel yourself filled with courage and inspiration.   Allow deep peace and healing light of courage to fill you. Let your White Tiger help you let go of your grief and sadness. Breathe in the purest white light and breathe out a slightly tinted light. See your lungs and large intestines filled with a luminous white light. Continue your breathing meditation until your visualization of the exhaled light is no longer tinted and or you no longer feel any sadness, or grief. When the exhaled light is no longer tinted, and or you no longer feel any grief, you should  take a moment to rejoice in the balance and harmony you are manifesting in yourself and your life.
Gonads - 84 Years: The Uranus Cycle at 84 years governs the Gonads. They regulate sexuality by modulating the Venusian Parathyroid and the Martial Adrenal gland, and indicate an entire generation of sexual fluctuations.
Other Names: The Fool
 Number: Zero. All things and no thing. Breath of Life."All the Power that Ever Was or Ever Will Be, is Here Now" 
Letter: A, (alpha). Alpha, the beginning or the first. Aleph is translated as ox. The ox is symbolic of labor or ³the work.² We must all work towards the perfection of ourselves. We must all attain enlightenment. Divine Spirit.
Element: AIR/Metal. Uranus. This mandala rules over the element AIR (Metal) throughout the deck. This is the symbolic representation of the planet Uranus. Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. Metal or Air is the first in the cycle of creation. The courage to be alive. The courage to breathe.
Musical Note: E Natural
Precious Stone or Metal: Topaz
Color: Sky Blue
Qabbalistic Teaching: On the Tree of Life, this key links Kether to Chokmah. Kether is the Divine Self, the real Self. Chokmah is the latent potentials of the real Self. This path reaches to the depth of self-knowledge. This is the spiritual ideal that rises above the mundane, into the miraculous   
Divination: Folly, originality, audacity, adventure, eccentricity.  Idea, thought, spirituality, that endeavors to rise above the material.  If the divination is regarding material events of ordinary life, this card is not good, shows folly, stupidity, eccentricity, and even mania. So  idealistic and unstable to be generally good in material things. Metaphysics, perceptions of the universal rhythms, electronics, electricity, atomic energy, love of change, shared experiences, quick associations, changing contacts, witty, spirited, responsive, peculiar psychic states, mediumistic, sudden trance, strange pursuits, self-assertion, energetic, high-spirited, ceaseless activity, creative, original, dynamic, unstable, inventive, visionary, quick to respond, intuitive, impulsive, mobility, fascinating, independent, rhythmic, unusual, erratic, peculiarities, innovative, and originality.
Meditation: I am one with the source of light and love. I am one with the limitless, boundless light. I am standing within the mind of God. I am the eternal flame of hope. I am the evolution of life and light. Purity and beauty are within me and around me. My heart is a torch of love. I am transforming all my old limitations. I am fully awake and alive. I am available to express truth. I will breathe with you. I offer you my true self.    I offer you my presence. I will witness your truth. My only expectation is change. My eyes are twin stars of joy. I am expressing myself openly. I have been touched by the hand of God. I am one with all creativity.   I am being blessed by the Angels. I am taking full responsibility for my journey into life and love. I have been called a fool. I have found my path. I am free. I am present.
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