ansata2.jpg (21784 bytes)The Ansata Deck - Review by Michele Jackson

This is one of the more horrific decks in my collection. Death gray skin, monsters, and dark and dreary backgrounds all contribute to a feeling of horror and doom. Beginning with the Fool, where a particularly vicious looking dog has his paws around a bandaged leg that looks like it has started to rot, moving on to the Hierophant where an Egyptian God [Thot] is flanked by monstrous minions, and ending with a World card that shows a parched and cracking earth, we are led through a landscape that is short on joy or even hope. Fortunately it is a Major Arcana only deck deck, so we do not have to suffer through 78 of these images.

The cards are slightly larger than average at 4 7/8" X 3 1/2". The bottom border of each card has the card number, the card name and its astrological correspondence. These are not the Golden Dawn astrological correspondences, rather they are unique to this deck.

The booklet that comes with this deck emphasizes the relationship between Tarot and Astrology, going so far as to say that Astrology and Tarot have the same roots and  that one can read his horoscope in the cards. Meanings for each of the cards are given. The meanings are fairly traditional, but are also written in such a way as to support the astrological correspondences. Four rather complicated spreads are given. The first spread requires knowledge of astrology. The others are somewhat easier, though psychological terminology is thrown about rather loosely. There is a full length book available in German for this deck (Astrologie und Tarot), but I have not seen an English version. The deck and booklet come packaged in a plastic box that opens like a book.

I recommend this deck for collectors. It is too unattractive to read with in my opinion, though some may disagree with me. I find that the ugliness of the images makes them too distracting.

Ansata Tarot
Published by AGMuller

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