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This Major Arcana deck is from a limited edition of 1000. It is a feminist deck that is similar in many ways to the Daughters of the Moon Tarot Deck. The only male image is Pan. It is round (4 3/4" diameter) and the images are black and white. There are 21 cards from the suit of Aether. Aether represents the element of Spirit. The cards have been renamed:

0 - Self 7 - Power 14 - Temperance
1 - Witch 8 - Oppression 15 - Moon
2 - Priestess 9 - Crone 16 - Lightening
3 - Maya 10 - Moriae 17 - Star
4 - Pan 11 - Athene 18 - Amaterasu
5 - Aphrodite 12 - Reversal 19 - Celebration
6 - Boudicea 13 - Transformation 20 - Nut

The backs are done in blue and white.The deck is the result of a collaborative effort between Jean Van Slyke, Shekhinah Mountainwater and Ffiona Morgan. The title card states that it was "(formerly a Matriarchal Tarot)." The art was done by Jean Van Slyke and is excellent.

The deck comes with an instruction sheet that provides some background information about the deck. The deck seems to be a precursor to the Daughters of the Moon (DOM) deck, as the description given discusses the Minor Arcana suits and court cards and they are the same as those in DOM. The sheet has pictures of each card with a description of the card's meaning. Two spreads are provided - Shekhinah's Layout (13 cards) and Jean's Layout (10 cards).

The deck is beautifully packaged in a folded black sheet tied with a silver cord. The sheet slides into a silver sleeve. This deck is out of print.

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