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Tarot for Beginners - Review by Michele Jackson
This book is one in a series of beginner books on occult subjects such as Runes and Dowsing.
Illustrated with the IJJ Swiss Tarot deck, it assumes the reader knows nothing about the Tarot
and provides a short course in what the Tarot is and how to read the cards. While it defines and
explains its subject on very basic terms, it does cover all the key points a beginning Tarot reader
should know. Chapter 1 is an introduction to the cards, covering topics such as where to get a
deck of tarot cards, how to take care of them once you have obtained them and the structure
of a Tarot deck. Chapter 2 covers the Major Arcana. Chapters 3 - 6 cover each of the Minor
Arcana suits and Chapter 7 provides spreads and a sample reading. There is a short quiz at the
end of each chapter, though I would not assume I had mastered the material in the chapter just
because I could answer all the quiz questions correctly. The questions are too few and too
obvious to be a real test of your knowledge. There is also no answer key, so you can't really tell if
you got the questions right or wrong. The book also glosses over or skips entirely some key ideas,
such as correspondences and Tarot history. On the other hand it's charm lies in it's simplicity.
You could easily read this book in less than two hours and come away with a good introduction
to the Tarot. It is nicely illustrated and the pages are well laid out and quite attractive. It provides
both upright an reversed interpretations written in a crisp, no-nonsense style. It is also a bargain
at $5.99. You will need more than this book in order to learn to read, but if you are just thinking
about learning to read and want to know a little more about it before you invest money in a deck,
this book could be just the ticket. It would also be useful to someone who has a deck and book
already, but are bewildered by the volume of information provided in many beginner books. It
provides a nice overview that you can use as a base to branch out from.
Tarot for Beginners
Author: Krystyna Arcarti
ISBN: 0-340-59550-7

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The other thing to remember when using the cards is the way they lie together. I always say to
people that your life is like a book, and while we may look at a couple of pages or more, it is the
overall story that is important, and not necessarily the individual pages, so look at how the cards
relate one to another, and read them as a whole, not as a series of cards which may seem

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