The Tarot Gypsy Tales by Carol Jean Rose
Reviewed by Arnell Ando

As fortune would have it, I met Carol Jean Rose at the Chicago Tarot
conference last year. After leafing through her book, The Tarot Gypsy
Tales, I had to have it for my own to explore and treasure. This
beautifully hand bound, limited edition book is illustrated with Tarot
cards from various decks and set up in a unique format. The reader is
invited to explore the archetypal meaning of each card and it's personal
relevance to our own journey in powerful and insightful passages. Next,
Carol treats us to her poetic vison of the card, which is both whimsical
and thoughtful, sensual and playful. These gems are a delight to the
imagination! With both the left and right brain stimulated with prose in
their prefered language, we are presented with a different B&W image
from one of the following decks; The Rider-Waite-Smith deck, The
Ravenswood Deck, The Hermetic Deck, The Native American Deck, and The
Rolla Nordic deck. And if that weren't enough, Carol Jean has also
compiled a glossary rich with useful information including esoteric
terms, character sketches of the mythological archetypes, the ritual of
doing meaningful readings, as well as an impressive bibliography. This
book will inspire both the novice and well seasoned traveler on the path
to explore the Tarot in new venues.
Review Copyright (c) 2000 Arnell Ando
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