Roots of Asia Tarot by Amnart Klanprachar and Thaworn Boonyawan
Review by Arielle Smith

Are you looking for a richly detailed, colorful, hypnotic tarot deck?  You may find exactly what you want in the tarot "Roots of Asia”.  Thai artist, Amnart Klanprachar – who does the artwork on this beautiful deck – is, according to the Little White Book, now living a “hermetic life”.   That’s too bad because this artwork is the kind that makes the viewer want to sit down with the artist and ask, “How did you get this vision?”  “What did you want to say here?”  “Was this a dream you had?” 

Thaworn Boonyawan , co-creator of this deck, gives us a better than average little white book (LWB), with both key words and detailed meanings for cards, three good spreads (Power, Chakra, Wheel of Wisdom) and also a step-by-step guide to “Insight Meditation.”

While knowledge of Buddhism would enhance the pleasure of reading these cards, it is not necessary.  The deck follows standard Tarot deck format with four suits, 56 Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana. The cards are full of color – green, blue, indigo, golden yellow – colors that are both soft and intense at the same time.

Pips stand out in this deck because of the opulent detail.   The cups churn with emotion and feature fish. Pentacles feature elephants.  Swords depict birds and sharply reflect the emotional turmoil of the human mind.  The wands, which feature the tiger/leopard family, show the “ignition of energy and passion” and the “conflict of choice between striving to think of an answer or opening up to inspiration and receiving one.” 

There is great energy in The Tarot “Roots of Asia”.  But, rather than a blatant, thunderous energy, these cards hum and purr.  Sometimes, they pulse and throb. They flow, swirl, and gracefully pull you into their depths.

And you are mesmerized.

Roots of Asia Tarot by Amnart Klanprachar and Thaworn Boonyawan
Publisher: AGMuller
ISBN #: 1572813423

Arielle Smith, well on her way to becoming a weird eccentric, is a Certified Tarot Grandmaster living in Florida with her husband and four cats. Both tree-hugger and animal lover, she is also a part-time teacher and lifetime student of the Tarot. You can visit her at her website, Mystik Moons.

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