Knights of Assisi: A Journey Through the Tarot by Bea Nettles
Review by Michele Jackson

This short book consists of several photographs by Bea Nettles, Chairman of the Photography program at the University of Illinois and creator of the Mountain Dream Taro Deck (now OOP). As you can guess from the title, most of the photos are of knights, though there are a few other cards as well. The entire volume is only 24 pages long, 17 of which are color photographs shot on location in Assisi, Italy. The end-papers are made from art paper and are designed to simulate the pink rock walls of Italy. It even has a dust jacket.

There are photographs of all four knights. The models who appear in the knight photos also appear in the photos for the other cards. An example is the Knight of Swords. The same model appears in the Four of Swords. All four knights are represented. They are shown in various poses. The photos are mostly monochromatic with some items colored in. The models are sometimes dressed in period clothing and other times dressed in more contemporary clothing.

I recommend this book for those who are familiar with Bea Nettle’s work or for those interested in photography and Tarot.

You can visit her website here.

Knight's of Assisi: A Journey through the Tarot
ISBN: 0-930810-06-6
Price: $10.00
Publisher: Prairie Book Arts Center, Box 725, Urbana Illinois 61803-0725

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