August 2003 Spread of the Month

The Lion, the Lady, and the Lemniscate Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and Diane Wilkes

In the month of August, one's mind naturally turns to Leo and the Strength card. On one hand, we have the rapacity of the Lion, who wants to devour everything whole, especially during the last days of summer, when all is lush and ripe. On the other hand, this is also a time when we prepare for more serious matters. In the fall, students return to school, and summer vacation ceases. We begin planning for a new season with a desire to accomplish things before the end of the year, which is now in sight.

How do we honor both of these forces? The lemniscate creates a mandala of interweaving that bridges the two.

1                    3                   2

Card One: The Lion's Mouth
This card represents your fiercest appetite and most passionate desire.

Card Two: The Lady's Hand
This card represents your rational mind and long-term plans.

Card Three: The Lemniscate Path
This card is the bridge that intertwines and recognizes both mouth and hand. 

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has been a reader and teacher of Tarot for over 15 years. She is the artist and designer of the Tarot of the Crone, a limited-edition deck. She writes tarot-related articles, poetry, short stories and meditations for herself and for several online study groups, as well as for printed newsletters. She may be contacted through her site.

Spread 2003 Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and Diane Wilkes
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