Reading with the Australian Animal Tarot by Diane Wilkes


Card 1/The Fork: What do I knowingly and actively give thanks for?

The Hanged Man - In the Australian Animal Tarot, the animal depicted is the Moth/Caterpillar.  I knowingly and actively give thanks for the possibility and potential of change within myself.  I constantly belabor my imperfections and criticize myself for where I am instead of where I feel I should be.  I am also grateful for my occasionally unusual perspective,  and embrace my differences from the norm, be it society in general or my birth family in particular.  I appreciate the fact that I am who I am, always in a state of flux and, hopefully, growth.

Card 2/The Plate:  What should I recognize is worthy of giving thanks for that I presently am unaware of?

Six of Air (Pentacles) - I am not always as aware or cognizant of the fact that I do give to others in numerous ways, though I recognize that I am the recipient of much generosity.  I hope that I also give with both hands.   It is a gift to receive easily, and while I don't yet have that gift, the Universe is determined that I learn it the hard way since I refuse to learn it without difficulty.  I am more comfortable giving, and perhaps am unaware of all that I do give, since I tend to refuse or try and minimize others' expressions of gratitude.  Undoubtedly, this adds to the cycle of not recognizing either the gift of being able to give to others or the gift of receiving from others without guilt or discomfort.  

It is time for me to learn to acknowledge, accept, and take joy in both gifts.

Card 3/The Knife:  How can I show my gratitude on a deep internal level?

Ten of Fire (Swords) - A Sword for the Knife position--how sharp is that?  This is a card of extremity, indicating that my gratitude needs to become an essential and constant part of my life.  I need to stay alert to any backsliding (inner grumblings that my life isn't what I'd like it to be) and move forward with the ferocity of the Orca Killer Whale, which is the animal that illustrates this card.  If I believe that I am not fulfilling my life's purpose, then inertia is as an ungrateful a behavior as being actively unkind or selfish.   My thoughts need to undergo a massive change if I am to show my gratitude to the Universe.  I need to recognize and accept that the past is over and I am the one who can program my thoughts now.  In fact, I am the one who is responsible for developing a healthy and new way of thinking. 

Card 4/The Spoon: How can I show my gratitude on an external level?

Ten of Earth (Wands) - The keywords on this card are "Fulfillment," "Success," "Dawn" and "See the Truth," all of which dovetail with my thoughts on Card Three.  Actively seeking success and fulfillment are the only ways to outwardly demonstrate my gratitude for the talents and abilities I have been given.  Ignoring or belittling them is the height of ingratitude.  The animal depicted on this card is the Dragonfly, and the image shows the insect with its wings outspread.  Talk about a graphic message! 

The two tens in the spread speak to ending an old cycle and beginning a new one.  The only suit missing in this spread is Cups, which says to me that it is time to stop focusing on my emotions and start concentrating on the other elements: action (Wands), thinking (Swords), and manifesting (Pentacles)--all under the umbrella of spirituality (Major Arcana), of course.

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