Tarot of Baseball - Review by Michele Jackson

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Not being a baseball fan, I was prepared to find this deck hopelessly beyond my ken. However I found it easy to understand, even for the layman. It is quite funny actually. This is definitely a "theme" deck. The suits are Bats (Wands), Gloves (Cups), Balls (Swords) and Caps (Pentacles). The Major Arcana have the traditional names on the top of each card with a comment on the bottom as to who the card represents. Examples include: The Fool - The Rookie, The Magician - The Trainer, Justice - The Umpire, and The Tower - The Falling Outfielder. The Court Cards have been changed and are Manager, Coach, Pitcher and Umpire. The art is fairly good. The cards are done in mostly primary and secondary colors. Most scenes depict players on the field, and some cards are recognizable as Waite-Smith derivations, though most are not. There are no recognizable team uniforms, just generic players and baseball scenes.

The little booklet that comes with the deck provides short, upright and reversed interpretations for each card. The interpretations are somewhat non-traditional, having been altered somewhat in order to fit the theme of the deck. For example, the interpretation for the Magician is:

"1 THE TRAINER (The Magician) Meaning: Ability to get the most out of one's physical resources, a strong will. The ability to take direction from the owner and ensure that the player will be able to physically perform. Reversed: Weakness, indecision, addiction, injury."

There is a separate book available for this deck which provides descriptions of the symbolism and slightly more in depth interpretations. The deck and book are somewhat tongue-in-cheek. There are two spreads provided including a variation of the Celtic Cross called The Ancient Hot Stove League Layout, and a variation of the Tree of Life spread called The Magic Diamond Layout. A specimen reading is provided for each spread. Instructions for using the Magic Diamond Layout to play a game of baseball are also provided. The deck/book set is sold in a slip sleeve case with a Celtic Cross Layout Sheet.

This is a novelty deck and as such I would recommend it to collectors and baseball fans. Although one could do a reading with this deck, I doubt that most readers would use it as a primary reading deck. It might add a nice touch to a World Series party though.

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Tarot of Baseball
Published by US Games Systems, 179 Ludlow St., Stamford CT, 06902, (800) 544-2637, Fax: (203) 353-8400
ISBN: Deck - 0-88079-971-4, Book - 0-88079-980-3, Deck/Book Set - 0-88079-981-1

Excerpt from the book Tarot of Baseball:

Play Ball!

Basic Methods of Divination with the Tarot of Baseball

Amaze your friends! Astound your enemies! Mesmerize your pets! The Tarot of Baseball provides the Key to the Door of Knowledge of many of the important questions of life and allows you to play a game of baseball in the process. Be wary of pale imitators and expansion team draft choices! These are the only true Tarot of Baseball cards.

It is best to keep your cards wrapped in a silken baseball jacket or a team pennant in order to protect their vibrations. Do not let others use your cards or handle them. Do not flip these cards or trade them. Only the reader and the seeker should handle the cards.

When asking questions of the cards, make your mind as passive as possible when shuffling and laying out the cards. Think of yourself as a baseball fan for a last place team, watching your team play in the ninth inning of the last game of the year. Allow the card meanings given to you in this book to interact with each other in your mind. You will find that, like a seeing eye single, they will seek out their own hole in the infield of your consciousness, bringing the runner of illumination home and providing the clutch hit of meaning to your queries.

Tarot of Baseball, pg. 91

Review Copyright 1996/97 Michele Jackson
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